ODBC Driver for Instant Client - Instant Client(Archived)

First of all I would like to thank Oracle for giving us the Instant Client. It seems to be the solution for making stand-alone client application in a very simple way. Thanks!
Even Though, I need to know if there is a way to download the so called "ODBC Supplement". I suppose it's a Windows ODBC Driver for Instant Client.

Yes it is the Instant Client Oracle ODBC driver for Windows. It will be available for download from the OTN Instant Client page soon. 

The ODBC driver has now been on OTN. See the official webpage, and read the release notes:

The "Instant client" is great, and the ODBC stuff seems to install okay, but the WinXP (MDAC 2.8) ODBC DSN admin applet blows up when I try to configure a new data source. I've got the latest DLL's. Tried it on three XP and W2K PC's with same result. I'll be glad to hand edit the registry to add my data source. Any body know what the entries should be?

About your comment, don´t you think that maybe Oracle Instant Client does not work with ODBC Drivers different form those provided by Oracle??
Maybe Instant Client is designed to work with an especial ODBC Driver....

I'm using the 10g Instant Client AND the 10g Instant Client ODBC drivers supplied by Oracle. On Windows, even Oracle depends on the Microsoft ODBC administrator program to configure a new data source. The current version of the admin program (ODBCAD32.EXE 3.525.1022.0) GPF's when it uses the new 10g ODBC setup DLL to configure a data source (DSN).
Tonight I was able to handcraft a 10g DSN in the registry enough to get an ODBC connection going to a 9i database using the 10g Instant Client drivers. Results were mixed -- some things worked and some things didn't. Still, I'm very encouraged by the new "homeless" client drivers.

You are right when saying that Oracle depends on the Microsoft ODBC administrator program. What settings did you use to handcraft the DSN? Can you tell us more about your results?

Here's a Registry script to set up a sample 10g-driver data source. After this I used MS Access 2002 to connect to a 9i database. It found all the table names, etc, and read fine from some of them, but others came back with some kind of error such that Access reported the row as already Deleted. I have not done any more research, yet.
"SS585D_ORA10_SYS"="Oracle in bin"
"Description"="Sys SS585D using Oracle 10 driver"
"Oracle in bin"="Installed"
As for the ODBC admin program, I used RegMon and FileMon to watch it in action. It loads the 10g setup DLL okay and reads various ODBC values from the registry, then GPF's. I think I'm seeing some kind of buffer overrun problem. I can send logs to anybody who gives me an e-mail address. Mine is keith.w.johnson#tek.com 

Has there been any progress on this - I am encountering a similar problem. I have tried the instant client on 2 XPpro machines and on both the batch file executes fine and the reg settings for ODBC seem to be good but when running the admin to add a DSN it dies with the XP "do you want to send a bug report" error.
Seems to work fine on another XP machine running the normal 10g client 

YAHOO! I just had a successful test of an ODBC connection on XP using the MS ODBC Data Source Administrator. Thanks to all for the helpful postings here.
The last key item that I changed was adding the Oracle Instant Client path to the PATH variable using Start->Settings->Control Panel->Sytem->Advanced->Environment Variables.
Using Keith's suggestion, I had created the registry entries manually. Those values are now visible when I select the DSN in the ODBC Admin tool. I will next test whether I can create new entries with the tool.
Other steps that I did include:
- Applied updates to XP (current on XPpro 2002 SP1)
- Upgraded MDAC to version 2.8
- re-installed ODBC for InstantClient
Previously, I was getting errors 998 and 1114 when trying to use the ODBC Admin tool. Those errors refer to a problem loadiing the driver ("could not load SETUP or TRANSLATOR library"). Also, SQL*PLUS has been working great since the Instant Client was released.
Again, thanks for the help everyone!

I am also having the problem where the ODBC admin GPF's when trying to create a DSN - I have tried on 2 XP machines and get the same problem - I have the normal 10g client on my machine and the ODBC admin works fine. This is really frustrating as it is preventing me from being able to deploy instant client. Is anyone at Oracle aware of this? 

If they don't already, they do now. I've sent email to
track down ownership of the problem.
-- CJ 

I could use install (unzip) basic instant client, and then could install ODBC driver (for instant client).
I faced no problem.
I could create (add) a DSN and use that successfully.
Here is what was my configuration & what I did:
XP Professional Ver-2002 SP-1
MS ODBC Administrator: 3.520.9030.0
I updated/added following environment variables:
PATH (added instant client directory in path)
TNS_ADMIN (location for tnsnames.ora)
You do not have to have MDAC.
If you face the problem again,
1) please verify your environment
2) give the steps so that we can reproduce your problem
3) log a TAR


Windows ODBC connections error

I have oracle installed a client machine, linking to the server. When i sign into the server using SQL+ this works fine. However when i try and edit any ODBC driver connections in windows-control panel i get an error telling me that the networking components were not found. Also when i try to open the application that runs with oracle i get two similar errors.
The error boxes are as follows :-
little: Microsoft ODBC for oracle
Message:The Oracle(tm) client and networking components were not found. These components are supplied by oracle corporation and are part of the oracle version 7.3 (or greater) client installation.
You are unable to use this driver until these components have been installed.
2.Title: Database error
Message: IM004:[Microsoft][ODBC driver manager] Drivers SQLAllocHandle on SQL_HANDLE_ENV failed.
This is strange because i have the connection in SQL plus to the same server and the other client machines i look after are working fine.
Right before the crash the machine had Nortan antivirus 7.61 and a Disk Defrag on C:
To remedy this i have un-installed and re-installed oracle client several times with no look.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I have no further information about the Defrag of C: as our team did not run this, it was the IT support team we use.
Thanks in advance
First, you're using the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver. Can you check to see whether the Oracle ODBC driver has the same issue?
Second, what version of the client do you have? The Microsoft driver doesn't, and probably will never, work with the 9i Oracle client.
Third, can you verify that %ORACLE_HOME%\bin is in your path and that the user has read/execute rights to %ORACLE_HOME%?
Did you ever find a remedy for this problem. I am experiencing the same exact problem and I cannot get it resolved. Thanks. 
Can you answer the three questions I posed to the original poster?
I am trying to connect through ODBC to an external Oracle (Solaris) database from a Windows Server 2003 Web Edition machine. I am getting the exact same error scenario with the MS ODBC Driver for Oracle. I would love to use the Oracle ODBC driver rather than the Microsoft one, but OUI installation of it (any version) fails (with no explanation in the log) every time.
I am using Oracle9i Client with Oracle 9iR2 Patch Set Do I need to get rid of that and go back to an older version of the client? And, if I do, will it work with WIndows Server 2003 Web Edition? I know my attempted installation of an 8.05 client failed with no error information.
I have verified that %ORACLE_HOME%\bin is in the path and that the user has read/execute rights to %ORACLE_HOME%.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
Bob Nelson
Spokane Community College 
The Microsoft driver doesn't work with the 9i Oracle client. Last I looked, Microsoft wasn't investing any development resources in this driver, so I doubt it will ever be made to work with 9i.
I don't have any personal experience with Windows 2003-- this is new enough that you may need to contact Oracle support via metalink to see if there are any known issues here. You need to have the 9.2 Oracle client to be able to use Windows 2003. I would have expected that the latest 9.2.0.x Oracle ODBC driver would install successfully on Windows 2003, but you'd have to consult the release notes to see whether that driver version is supported on this version of Windows.
Thank you, Justin. I have made some progress on this; part of it was my mistake. I installed the runtime (vs. administrator) version of the 9i client, and that was why I couldn't get the ODBC driver (updated or otherwise) to install. Now it is all up and running with the latest version of the Oracle ODBC driver, and I don't get the same error. But now when I try to access Oracle from an ASP page, it hourglasses until it times out (it eventually comes back with a "page cannot be displayed...cannot find server or DNS Error"). I have now tried using the Oracle ODBC Driver with a DSN, DSN-less ODBC, and even OLE DB. Any ideas about what might be wrong? Thanks! (P.S. - It would certainly be nice if useful error messages were provided along the way, wouldn't it?) 
I meant to mention that I read the release notes for the ODBC driver, and it does not list Windows Server 2003 as one of the supported operating systems. I guess I am hoping I can get it to work anyway, but perhaps that is a foolish endeavor. 
I know that Microsoft products have a lovely habit of masking the error messages that come back from Oracle. You may want to turn on ODBC tracing to see if there are any useful error messages in the log.
Generally, if you're able to connect successfully with the "Test Connection" button in the DSN configuration screen, but you're not able to do so via ASP, the problem is usually one of permissions. The IIS user needs read/execute rights on the %ORACLE_HOME% directories (at least bin).
Thank you for all of your help, Justin. I wasn't able to work on this for a few days, but I just tried again. It was indeed a permissions issue, apparently and I think I have it resolved now. Granting read/execute rights to the bin directory wasn't enough, apparently, so I granted them to the Oracle root and all subfolders. Imagine my surprise when it actually worked! ;) Thanks again.

Microsoft ODBC for Oracle with multiple homes

I have a server with some web applications and Oracle client 8i and 9i. I installed the 9i only few months ago. One of the applications is connected with an ODBC with the driver "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle".
I realized that my application is still using the client 8i even if I installed the 9i after the 8i. In my PATH variable, the oracle_home 9i is set first.
Can someone help me to know how to change the client of the ODBC connection? I tried to delete the data sources and create it again, I reboot the server, but nothing works.
Thank you 
Unfortunately, the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle is not multi-home compatible. Any chance you could use the Oracle ODBC driver instead, which is multi-home compatible?
Ok thank you very much for your answer. I'm not sure if I can use the Oracle driver. But I guess if I desinstall the other client it will be ok ? 
I would expect that if you uninstalled the 8i Oracle Home, the Microsoft ODBC driver would just pick up the 9i Oracle Home and start working. Depending on the system, you may need to install an updated version of the MDAC to make sure that you've got the latest Microsoft ODBC driver.
In theory, and generally in practice, you should be able to switch to using the Oracle ODBC driver without any difficulty (just change the DSN). Occasionally, though, you run into applications that depend on the quirks of a particular driver, so make sure you test thoroughly.
There is a path in regedit under:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/ODBC and in the same path there is orcle's parameters.
You can edit them. But unfortunately you may need to reboot your computer.

instantclient_10_2 as ODBC Driver enough and How to do? (I go crazy)

Justin wrote:
"If you are using 10g, you may be able to use the 10g Instant Client, although that is designed more for a scenario where you are deploying a client/ server app to hundreds of workstations with a custom install script than to setting up the workstation of the developer that's going to be writing that app.
I have created a Application (Access with Oracle). And my Problem is, I am not be able to install a ODBC Driver on a other PC. Do I need a full Installer or is it enough to have instantclient_10_2 from Oracle?
If i push the button "Install" it is happend nothing and i cant see anything under ODBC Database --> ODBC Driver.
Maybe somebody can help me, my english is sucks... Sorry.
Greeting from Germany.
You just need Instant Client + the Instant Client ODBC Driver. If you're using Microsoft's ODBC Driver for Oracle, all you should need is Instant Client, but I've never tested that myself. 
thank you for the very fast answer...
I am trying to install just the ODBC Driver from Oracle.
Now, i have downloaded the Instantclient 10.2. Maybe do you have a Link for the other part?
Is there no small Setup or something like this? I try it the whole day and i didnt find a solution. I am close before to go crazy...))
(I cant install the whole client on every PC, thats why i need a other way)
Thank you for you help.
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When you say "downloaded the Instant Client 10.2", what, exactly do you mean? From the Instant Client page
there are Basic and Basic Lite packages along with a variety of supplements, including the ODBC supplement. You would, presumably, need at least the Basic or Basic Lite package along with the ODBC supplement.
Is the Basic Instant Client installed and running?
Since the Instant Client is designed to be bundled with your application, the assumption is that your application's installer will be doing the appropriate configuration of the Instant Client, which involves setting up a few environment variables. There is no Setup program for the Instant Client otherwise-- it would require some manual configuration if your application doesn't have an installer.
now it is working. I took the InstantClient and the Basic Version in one Folder. I pressed the install Button and now I can see the Driver in my ODBC Windows. If i create a new Connection and Test it, it is working.
But the Problem is, if I start my Application I got a Message: "error cannot load resource file sqresus.dll".
My Folder:
There is Everythink inside... (All Driver and the TNSNAMES)
Very Strange, why doesn`t work it? Test Connection works....
Greeting from Germany
While it seems like the DLLs are in your PATH, you should make sure. Similarly, I've heard that you may need the Microsoft C 7.1 runtime libraries for the latest version of Instant Client.

ODBC driver for Oracle

I've serveral question to ask :-
1. How do I check for the Oracle Client version?
2. Where can I download the Oracle odbc driver, from the website the latest is 8.0.5 and my oracle installer can't detect the PRD file so I'm not able to install the odbc driver.
2. Currently, my own PC running Win98 and I've setup the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle (I've installed the client but doesn't know which version) and It works but when I install the same client again on other machine and after configure the ODBC I'm getting the error msg "ERROR WHILE TRYING TO RETRIEVE TEXT FOR ERROR ORA-01019"
3. Is there possible to set the password on the client so that every connection the user doesn't need to enter the password.
Please help. 
You should be able to determine which version of the Oracle client you have by starting the Oracle Uiversal Installer and looking at the version of the installed packages.
You cannot, so far as I'm aware, download desupported products like an 8.0.3 ODBC driver from OTN. Tech support may have a FTP site for desupported products, but I'm not aware of such a site. My strong recommendation would be to upgrade to at least the 8.0.5 Oracle client & ODBC driver.
- When you installed the Oracle client on the other machine, were there any errors?
- Were there any errors configuring the Microsoft or Oracle ODBC drivers?
- Can you tnsping the database from the second machine
- Is your %ORACLE_HOME%\bin directory in your PATH environment variable on the second machine?
As far as the password question goes, there are two answers.
Officially, the answer is no. You must enter a password whenever you connect.
Unofficially, the answer is yes, though doing this is strongly discouraged. When you create a DSN, a number of registry entries are made, one for each configuration parameter. The Oracle ODBC driver will recognize and accept an additional password parameter if you create the appropriate key-- either PWD or Password, I don't recall at the moment, but it should be rather clear from the other keys.
Thanks for you reply,
I've sucessfully installed the client on the second machine and tnsping to database no problem.
When I registering the datasource on the MS ODBC Administrator there is no error message, the error message come when I perfome the connection testing, the error message is ORA-03121.
Btw, thanks for your advise. I've installed the Oracle client 8.1.7 and I've sucessfully connected to database via ODBC now.
But is there an Oracle Client for Window ME? I've search through the website it only for WIN98, WIN2K and NT only. Please assist.
cheers :>
I'm confused... You state that you're seeing an error when you create a DSN, but then state that you're able to connect via ODBC. The error you're seeing appears to indicate that there's a mismatch in the client libraries, like you have the wrong version of the driver for your client. Are you able to successfully connect or are you having problem setting up a DSN?
Officially, I don't believe Oracle supports Windows ME as a platform. The Windows 98 client may well work for you, but it's not something I've personally tried.
Sorry for my unclear explanation.
I've sucessfully create the DNS for both machines.
On the first machine when I run the Orale ODBC Test client and I'm able to connect to the Oracle DB but for the second machines when I do testing I get the error message is ORA-01019 then I try again for the second times I get the error message is ORA-03121. And I've do the tnsping on the second machines and there is no problem.
What version of the ODBC driver are you using? You need to make sure that you're using an 8.1.7.x ODBC driver if you've installed the 8.1.7 Oracle client.

ODBC and MS Access

I need to use MS Access to query a database of tables that are made in Oracle. When I try to, I get an error that the ODBC connection failed. When I try to install the Oracle ODBC in Control Panel, I get an error that tells me that I need Oracle Client Software version 7.3 or higher. How do I solve this problem? Version 7.3 is no longer supported by Oracle. Is it available? Do I need to purchase it? Is there another way around this problem? I am stuck! I am just learning about datbases so please help!!
You need to install the Oracle client on your desktop before you can use or configure the ODBC driver. If you're using the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle, you need the 7.3 client or later (i.e. anything between 7.3 and 9.2). If you're using the Oracle ODBC driver, you need the version of the client that corresponds to the version of the ODBC driver you're using, i.e. the 8.1.7 Oracle client for an 8.1.7.x ODBC driver, the 9.2 Oracle client for the ODBC driver.
Thanks for the reply Justin. How do I get the cleint software.? Is it a commercial product that i must puchase? Can I get it at a FTP site? What about Data Direct's Oracle wire protocol software?
You can download the Oracle client from OTN (beware, it's pretty large) or you can install it off the Oracle CD that installs the database (there's a client-only install option). I would assume that to actually deploy an application, you'll need an Oracle client license for each machine, but that's not really my field of expertise. Oracle sales would, I'm sure, be happy to explain your options here.
There's apparently a stripped-down client install available for OO4O (i.e. you can download OO4O and do a stand-alone install which installs a stripped down Oracle client and the OO4O components). People have reported that they're able to use the ODBC driver successfully at that point, but this is not a supported configuration. I assume that this path has the same licensing restrictions as the first approach, but I'm not sure.
Finally, you could use DataDirect's wire protocol ODBC driver. In this scenario, you'd have to pay DataDirect for an ODBC driver, but would not have to install the Oracle client. I don't have any experience with this particular driver, however.
Sorry for the hasstle, but could you please give me exact dewtails as to what file I need to download as well as the web page it is on?I did download one that was called oo4o816313.exe. After the download I extracted the files and installed the software but when I tried to access the Oracle table with MS Access, I recieved the same errors. When I treid to install the Oracle ODBC in control Panel, I recieved the error that the Oracle client server was not installed. I thought that the install that I did above would have fixed that....but it seems that I still have no client server. Any ideas....help?
Please bear with me, because I've never actually done this. Another gentleman responded to a similar post on this forum in the past couple of months, indicating that he had successfully set up an ODBC DSN using the OO4O install as a base. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find his post to give proper credit. I'll try to guide you a little more, but we're venturing outside my comfort zone here.
I assume that you downloaded the 8.1.6 OO4O installer (since there's an '816' in the name of the executable). I assume that you ran that and successfully installed OO4O.
Next, you need to download the latest 8.1.6 ODBC driver. Presumably, the OO4O installer installs the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI). Start this application, point it at the ODBC download, and then install the ODBC driver. This should run without error.
Now, you should be able to set up a DSN from the Control Panel which uses the Oracle ODBC driver.
Let me know if this actually works,
I have down loaded two files:
The first is the software that uses the ODBC driver and the second is the actual driver. Is this correct? I assume that I install the first and then the second; both using the oracle universal installer. Then what? Did you find the earlier post? I have tried this but I open the MS Access database that contains the Oracle table and I am unable to query them or look at them in talbe view. I get the same message that the link failed. what now?
Thanks for your help.