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We will soon be releasing a product that requires a third-party database - we support Oracle as one of the databases. We need our client programs to be able to connect to the Oracle database without forcing the customer to install the client software on the application computer - we want to install the necessary client for them. Instant client appears to be exactly what we are looking for, but I have some questions:
Where can I get a copy of the instant client license - so it can be reviewed by our legal department?
The Windows version is listed as coming soon - how soon is soon???
The Instant Client web page talks about all versions requiring the "Base package" but I don't see anywhere to download that.
Thanks for any help! If you could e-mail me your reply in addition to putting it in the forum that would be greatly appreciated.
Scott Greenman
Development Manager

Follow the download link on the Instant Client page
This will give you the license, and eventually also links to the
three packages.
You can already get Windows Instant Client from the Client CD so
I imagine the OTN release of Instant Client can't be far off.
-- CJ 

The Windows Instant Client is now available from the Instant Client page


Oracle 9i Install - Minimum File Required

Does anybody know or poses a list of the file required for Oracle Client when using a VB Oracle Client Server application.
I dont really want to have to distribute a 200+mb Oracle Client install along with the application, just the bare files required. 
Have you thought about using the Instant Client? 
Search OTN for phrase "Instant Client" or download it from OTN; however for basic ODBC you still need ~100MB 
Yes, but it zips nicely down to about 30MB. (It's 88MB Uncompressed)

Does ODP have this functionality?

I don't care which Oracle drivers the below functionality is in. But is it available? My guess was this was the best place to ask as both the SqlServer and MySql ADO.NET drivers provide this functionality:
1) How can I connect to an Oracle server without loading the Oracle client on the user's workstation.
2) How can I enumerate all Oracle databases on the network.
3) For a given Oracle database/server, how can I enumerate the schemas available on that server?
3b) And is there a third step where I enumerate machines, databases on that machine, schemas on that database?
Please, please, please tell me there is a way to do this as it lets us write our software so users do not need to know how to connect to Oracle. And that is a giant increase in usability.
thanks - dave 
1) How can I connect to an Oracle server without loading the
Oracle client on the user's workstation.You can easily connect to SQL Server without installing SQL Server Client is because Microsoft is kind enough to include SQL Server client software in their Windows installation (which is MDAC), so you don't have to install it separately.
Unfortunately Oracle Client is not included in Windows installation, so you have to install it separetely. Fortunately Traditional Oracle Client is only needed when you want to use ODP.NET, you can deploy your application using Oracle Instant Client if you are using MS Oracle Provider.
3) For a given Oracle database/server, how can I enumerate
the schemas available on that server?connect as system, then run this query
select * from all_userswell, 2 & 3b, i don't know the answer, because when we want to connect to Oracle Server we usually have to configure tnsnames.ora.
Thank you for your answer. You say:
Unfortunately Oracle Client is not included in Windows installation, so you have
to install it separetely. Fortunately Traditional Oracle Client is only needed when
you want to use ODP.NET, you can deploy your application using Oracle
Instant Client if you are using MS Oracle Provider.How do I deploy using Oracle Instant Client - is that still something that must be installed or just some DLLs I must copy over? And is there a url somewhere that explains this?
thanks - dave 
You can get instant client and read about it at
Rumor has it Oracle's ODP has instant client support on the slate, but havent heard any good rumors as to when.
How do I deploy using Oracle Instant Client - is that still something
that must be installed or just some DLLs I must copy over? It's just some DLLs which has to be included in your application installation.
If you have already download it, you probably have read how to deploy it.
When you want deploy WIndows Form application, it's simply putting
those DLLs in the same folder as your executable files.
For ASP.NET, maybe you have to put those in the PATH env. variable.
I have no experiesnce dploying ASP.NET application 
nurhidayat - are you sure about this. You sure you can just copy a few dlls to get ODP.Net working on the client.
In my experience this isnt the case. Can you please provide detail on which version of ODP.Net and what dlls you copy? 
It can be done, but I don't see it as a good practice:
Re: using an exsiting oracle installation
- Mark 
That posting basically says that you can't just copy a some DLLs as you need the Oracle client installed first.
At least in my case i wanted to do a minimum deployment by copying some DLLs but this is not poss as you've pointed out you need Oracle Client. 
Yes, that is true, you need the full Oracle client. I was referring to the part about not installing ODP.NET using the installer. That part can be done just by copying files, but, as you've read, I don't think it is a good practice. Sorry for the confusion between the Oracle client and the ODP.NET installation. I should have been more clear in my response rather than throwing out a link with little text.
- Mark 
I am sorry if my post is a little bit confusing.
What i meant is just copying Instant Client DLLs if you want to deploy .NET app using MS Oracle Provider (System.Data.Oracle.Client).
I am well aware that deploying ODP.NET application requires installation of full Oracle Client.
I am well aware that deploying ODP.NET application requires installation of full Oracle Client.
Yeah, I would like to see Instant Client support in ODP.NET. Instant Client support was slated to be released at one point, but the XE client was chosen instead. Perhaps in the future Instant Client will be supported. I guess that helps sway things toward ASP.NET apps just so you don't have to mess around with distributing a full client install to workstations.
- Mark

Is Pro*C installed as part of Oracle Instant Client?

Hello, I'm new to Oracle Database, so all advice welcome! I have to build an Oracle (10g) runtime client on zLinux, and I'm told we need OCI libraries and ProC. Is all this contained in Instant Client, or do I need to install Oracle Database 10g release 2 and then hunt for the precomp/ folders and so on? Or is there some smaller package I need to install? This client runs in 32-bit mode.
Starting with Instant Client, it includes the SQLLIB calls, so yes, it will support Pro*C applications. 
Jonah, the Instant Client I found is at, so back-level from what you describe. So the question still remains, what package(s) do I need to install to get Pro*C and OCI libraries? If anyone has got both these from a vanilla/custom install, please let me know what package you installed from! It's not clear to me if the sqlplus stuff that's in the Instant Client is the same thing as Pro*C .
On UNIX/Linux, all 10.2.0.x releases of Instant Client included support for applications linked with Pro*C. On Windows, I believe you have to have and up.
Also, this question should really be posted in the Instant Client forum. 
To precompile a pro*c app you need proc executable
This is not shipped in the Oracle Instant Client package
So you need to grab the proc executable from a Oracle Client Install and could use it in Oracle Instant Client Env
For proc to execute it just needs libclntsh which is part of the package
Now after you have pre-compiled/compiled/linked to run your proc runtime all you need is again just the libclntsh 
Suheendra, thanks for the help. I still don't know what zip package(s) I should be trying to install. I have the package = Oracle Database 10g R2. I've unzipped this, and the library is in there, ok so far.
You refer to "Oracle Client Install" as if this is a zip package. I can't see this on your website, so I assume it's a choice I get when I install this full-blown, am I right? I cannot see any file called "proc" in my unzipped 10202_zlinux_database directory, so I wonder if I need another zip to get the client-side support.
What I'm trying to nail down is precisely what original packages I need to get Pro*C and OCI. There seems to be very little information about what's in what package. Pro*C was an unfortunate choice of name - you can't search for it, as the * is classed as an illegal wild-card!
OK, I assumed you had the Instant Client Packages
BTW what you have seems to be the database package and not the Instant Client package
Refer to this website to download the Instant Client Packages
You have choice of packages to download like Basic, BasicLite, SQLPlus, JDBC, SDK and so on.
Pls refer to FAQ/docs on the Instant Client usage in the above web page
All you need is Basic and SQL Plus package, you will not find the proc executable which you need to grab from a database/client install to use it with Instant Client environment 
Hi. I found this thread after dealing with this same problem. I am somewhat new to Oracle and I have been messing around with different Oracle client installations for a while now and my problem is still unsolved. Basically I have a C application (not mine) that I am trying to compile under Linux Fedora Core 5 but make is not able to find the Pro*C stuff that it needs. I am getting the below error:
makefile:8: /precomp/lib/ No such file or directory
I did what you suggested and installed the Instant Client Basic and the Instant Client SQL Plus packages. There are, however, no subdirectories in the resulting installation relating to the directory that make is looking for. You mentioned that the proc executable is needed in addition to the Instant Client installation...I am assuming that this is for Windows. What else is needed for using the Pro*c support under Linux FC5 other than the two Instant Client packages I installed? If you need more information let me know.
Hi, I ended up installing the complete Oracle 10g Database Rel2 plus latest patches in order to get the "proc" compiler. It uses some shared-libs at run-time, and there's also a config-file you can play with, so you definitely need more than just the Instant Client. In our case we'll need the server soon for testing with the "proc"-compiled code, so made sense to install the whole caboodle. I don't know if you can install a lighter-weight version of the 10g Database, maybe a "client" subset, and that might also have all the "proc" stuff in. But presumably you'll need a server to check it actually runs after you've built.
I tried installing every option of the Instant Client, but as you found out, "proc" doesn't live in there. I have to say that the Oracle website docs aren't very clear on precisely what you need to install to get Pro*C. They talk about "Oracle Client" but I couldn't find any package with that specific name. The docs could be enhanced to make it clear whether they're talking about "Oracle Database XXX relYYY Server" or "Oracle Database Client" or whatever's the PRECISE terminology please.
Thanks for you reply Andy. Yeah, I agree about the Oracle website docs. I found pretty much the same thing...they say that Proc*C is bundled with the "Oracle Client" without being very clear on what version, etc. I also tried installing the full client version for Linux but apparently the only supported Linux versions are:
[Certified Versions]
I am using Linux Fedora Core 5 so I guess I can't install the full client. Also, I am planning on pointing the built application to a remote Oracle server so getting a local server running wouldn't be strictly necessary...but I guess if all else fails I will just try installing the full Oracle 10g server like you suggested. Hopefully the full server version won't have the same Linux constraints that the client has. Does anyone have any other experience on getting Pro*C support under Linux without having to install the full Oracle 10g? Thanks for the help!
You can install Oracle Client on non-supported distributions of Linux. Just pass the -ignoreSysPrereq argument to runInstaller.
BTW, the Instant Client docs say that Pro*C applications are supported, not that the Pro*C precompiler itself is distributed with Instant Client. You're just misunderstanding the wording. 
Thanks for the help, Jonah. I was able to eventually get the full client working by ignoring the OS version. I do realize that the Instant Client has Pro*C support and that this doesn't necessarily mean that the Pro*C precompiler is included. My point was just that the docs are not very clear about what client version DOES include the Pro*C precompiler.
Anyway, thanks again. Forums like this one are a huge resource to me and have bailed me out more than once. I really appreciate the free advice that people so willingly give.

Minimal runtime client windows installation?

I'm trying to discover the minimal client installation components required in order to deploy a windows application using
The install package is 86MB which installs to 122MB on the client. It sure would be nice to reduce the client installation requirements, even being able to install the oracle dlls with my application installation.
I realize there is more to it, but a running program connects via the dll's in Ora92\bin. That directory is 16MB. Hopefully, even with other required support files a minimal install set should be achievable.
Has anyone looked at this? The ability to copy the dll's to a client machine with an application install would greatly simplify things.
Instant client appears to be the solution. Can't wait til the Windows 10G release to try this. Will ODP.Net be qualified with this?
New features for OCI in Oracle 10g include:
Instant Client
Instant Client gives ISVs and customers the ability to quickly install and deploy Oracle applications without any of the hassle. Please see the Instant Client Datasheet at the bottom of the page for more information.

Shipping an oracle client with my application

first off let me say that I love the thin install of
instant client, exactly what I've been looking for as
a developer who just wants client connectivity without
the bells and whistles.
I'm currently looking at the possability of including
an Oracle client with our desktop * server products
and all the issues around that. The instant client
looks like a perfect fit for my scenario but to get a
fair balance can anyone answer the following
- what is involved in including the client with my
application from a license perspective. Is it in
really free to partners ?
- what is involved in or is it possible to ship
components of normal client so that my application
uses a 9.2 client library whether or not oracle
is installed on the machine ?
- Has anyone already done this and what experiences
have they had ?
- Any words of wisdom as to how to avoid clinet
version hell where we build/test & support one
version but the user has another installed and
they need it for other applications.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated,
Paul Power
For licensing, yes, it is free to partners to ship with their applications. Please read the Oracle License when you are downloading Instant Client, for more details.
Instant Client was released in 10gR1 (10.1). Thus, you cannot run a 9.2 version of Instant Client.
The point of Instant Client is to allow you to run your application with the version of the Oracle client that you built and tested with. To ensure you have the correct version, always install the one you want along with your application.
I hope that helps!