PHP and Client 10 - Instant Client(Archived)

It is possible to link php with the oci libs of the client?

This has been discussed a little in OTN's PHP forum
The current OCI Instant Client does not include header files so you
cannot compile PHP with it. Oracle is investigating distribution of
an SDK that would allow it.
Until then, do a traditional Oracle "Client" install to get the header
files. In 10g choose the Administrator install option from Client CD.
I've played with a pre-release Windows Instant Client 10g and the
pre-built Windows PHP binaries. This combination works very well. I
look forward to the production release of 10g on Windows.
-- CJ


Oracle 8i to PHP 5

What is the easiest way to connect Oracle 8i to PHP 5? Our database is Oracle and we just decided to use PHP as our front end. I heard ODBC is possible -- is this the easiest way? Or use 10g libraries on my PHP? I don't know.. please give me some advice..
thank you 
As far as I can recollect, PHP5 has an oracle access module, called "OCI8". I am not sure whether it supports oracle8, but oracle8 is very, very old.
I would try installing 9i client and linking it with PHP. That would have to be done manually. 
If PHP is linked with Oracle 10g libraries (e.g. Oracle Instant Client) you can connect to Oracle 8.1 databases. If your database is older, link PHP with Oracle 9.2 libraries.
Since you are starting a new project, use the latest version of PHP and the OCI8 extension. Download PHP 5.2.6. Before building it, replace the oci8 directory with the new OCI8 1.3.4 from PECL. This is similar to the steps "Installing OCI8 with PHP 4" on page 81 of the current version (1.4) of The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual

9.2 client for linux

Is it possible to download a 9.2 client for linux? 
In particular I need the oci header files. 
In that case you need to download the RDBMS I think. The OCI stuff (libraries/headers/demos) is included with the db install.
The runtime portions (shared libraries and such) are in the client and the InstantClient would work for this as well. 
There is no version of Instant Client for 9.2. We are currently investigating distribution of an SDK.

no oci.h?

I am trying to build the DCOracle2 module for Python on a Red Hat linux machine. I've installed the instant client for Oracle 10i. When I try to build DCOracle2, the compiler complains that it can't find oci.h. Sure enough, when I look carefully at what was installed with the instant client, there isn't a oci.h. So where do I get this? Do I need to install from the Oracle 10i full install? I hope not!
Here's the versions of what I've got installed:
Python 2.2.3
DCOracle2 1.2 
Toliver has pointed out several times in this forum that an Instant Client SDK is "under investigation".
Until it becomes available, do a "Administrator" install from the Oracle Database 10g Client Release CD.
This will give you the headers needed.
-- CJ

How to start instant client on Linux

I am a bit new to Linux, but not Oracle. I have attempted to install instant client on SuSE 9.0 professional using the rpm. I think it installed correctly. Question how do you run it? 
Instant Client is a library, not an executable. Application
programs can be written to use it.
One application program that is ready to use Instant Client
is SQL*Plus. This can be downloaded from:
The release notes are at:
Oracle's extensive online documentation is at:
A good web search will find other introductory examples.
-- CJ

Instant Client Installation

I just talked to someone from Oracle on Metalink. He said I could download the client and access a version of Enterprise manager that is roughly equivalent to 9i functionality.
Problems with Download on Windows 2000
I tried down-loading the Basic instant client and got a total of 8 files unzipped from my downloaded zip file. I don't understand why my download looks nothing like the demo for instant client. The big difference is that I could only locate a product.xml file from my previous 10G database installation on this machine.
Did the person say client or Instant Client? The regular client (installed from a client CD) still has more tools than Instant Client. I believe that is what the person meant. I hope that helps!