Support for 8.1.x - Instant Client(Archived)

I installed the Instant Client but got:
ORA-03134: Connections to this server version are no longer supported.
The server version is
Another poster could not connect to 8.1.7.
Does sqlplus 10 support 8.1.x?
The faq says it does not support 7.3 but I could not find anything about 8.
The Instant Client is a great idea. I really hope it supports the older databases. 

Instant Client in DOES support access to However, 8.1.6 is no longer supported by Oracle. Please see Metalink for version interoperability and support:


Connecting to Oracle 8.0.5 (Windows NT) (ORA-03134)

Hi all,
I am trying to use a software that uses OCI.DLL (Oracle Call Interface) to connect to and access my legacy Oracle 8.0.5 database. The software crashes out by complaining it can't find the OCI_Terminate function in the copy of OCI.DLL that comes with Oracle 8.0.5.
I figured out that the Oracle 8.0.5 OCI.DLL could be too old for the software and an upgrade to a later version is necessary. So I tried to experiment if the OCI.DLL that comes with the Oracle 10g Client and the latest Instant Client Version 10.2.0 work. In both experiments, sqlplus complains of "ORA-03134: Connections to this server version are no longer supported."
Searching around Oracle Forums and Google web searches reveals that Oracle 8.0.5 is not officially supported anymore i.e. tools, libraries and utilies that Oracle releases now are not designed to support Oracle 8.0.5.
So what is Oracle's answer to my situation? Although I know my database software is very old, I do not have the rights or say to upgrade them.
Can Oracle supply me with an old version of instant client or Oracle 9 client that can be used to connect to my Oracle 8.0.5 databases?
Oracle's answer to your situation would be: upgrade.
If you have no right to upgrade, you can tell the people who have a right to upgrade that you have no way of using the software.
Looking at the Client/Server interoperability matrix I see that connections to a 8.0.5 server have never been supported from any client version after 8.1.7, so trying a client version 9 is a gamble at best.
As a last ditch effort, you can try if your software will work with an 8.1.7 client (if that's still available for download).
Have you asked the vendors of the software which Oracle versions they support?
Laurenz Albe

can i use older version client to connect?

Hi all,
i meet the error "ORA-03134: Connections to this server version are no longer supported."
my server's version is 8.1.6, i know that the version below is no longer support by oracle10 instantclient.
can i install a older version instantclient to connect to my server ?
where can i find the download? i can not find the download page on
>> where can i find the download?
There is no instant client prior to 10g
In order to connect into Oracle 8i database, you can use Oracle 8,8i,9i client, but not Oracle 10g client, and instant client.
>>i know that the version below is no longer support by oracle10 instantclient
>>my server's version is 8.1.6
Upgrade your version to
I think that the final release of 8i is able to communicate with 10g clients.

ODP.NET and Oracle DB Releases

My organization is using Oracle Version
Database system will be upgraded to Oracle 10g but we don't know when.
Now if begin using ODP.NET, will this provider support both of the database versions?
(I read that Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET does not support Oracle 9i. But I don't have to use those tools. All I care is the provider.)
Thank you very much. 
The 10g client and ODP provider work great against 9i databases, 
Note that the 92 end needs to be at least 9204 though.
From Note 207303.1 Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between Different Oracle Versions, available on Metalink:
#5 - For connections between 10.2 and 9.2 the 9.2 end MUST be at or higher. Connections between 10.2 and, or are not supported.

Oracle Client need to upgrade if Database upgraded?

I would like to ask if I have upgraded the DB version to 10g, do I need to upgrade the Oracle Client 8.1.7 also? Which version of Client I need to upgrade to? And any problem we will trigger if we do not upgrade the client?
The 8.1.7 Oracle client has been desupported for a while, so it's probably a good idea to upgrade just to keep somewhat current. When the 8.1.7 client was supported, it used to support connections to a 10.1 or 10.2 database, though.
If you have an older version of the Oracle client, you won't have access to any new functionality that requires support on the client. For example, 9i introduced the TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL data types-- an 8.1.7 client wouldn't know how to process that.
I generally prefer to use a version of the Oracle client equal to or greater than the version of the database I'm accessing.
Client software is backward compatible ... not forward compatible. 
So I need to upgrade the Client to 10g also, otherwise there is some problems in connections and data transmittion?
Please see Metalink note 207303.1 ("Oracle Client/Server Interoperability Support") for client certification information.
The 8.1.7 client was supported for database releases up through 10.2. Because 8.1.7 is no longer supported, there is no official support for the 8.1.7 client. It will likely work, but it's "use at your own risk."

Is there an older instant client version?

I have to connect by ODBC to an Oracle-Pre- and I cannot use a "normal" Oracle-Client.
Is there an older version of the "Instant Client" that can access Pre-
Or: Does anybody know a different solution to this problem (e.g. third-party-software)?
Thanks for your help
Arno Bosch 
Unfortunately, no version of Oracle servers are supported before at this point in time. So Instant Client cannot support these versions either. 
So does this mean, that it is possible to use the 10g Instant Driver with an older Oracle version let's say 9i ? 
Yes, it is possible to use 10g Instant Client with a DB 9i installation, since the 10g clients in general interoperate with 9i clients. 
The forthcoming patchset of Oracle 10g (and I presume therefore
of Instant Client) will allow connection to Oracle or greater. A minor difference I know, but may be useful
to someone.
-- CJ