Dynamic Icon Generation - EBS on Linux

We have got 11i on Linux AS2.1
The application seems to be working fine, but the icons for logout, preferences, help etc. are not being displayed in the top right had corner of the screen.
Can anyone advise me as to why this may be happening and how to fix it.
Thanks in advance


How to prevent the DHTML-menu from floating on the pages?

Hi, we are using the DHTML-menu provided by Ronaldo Viscuso. It is working very good, except for one big problem: the menu floats on the page.
When the user modifies the height of the window, the menu stays on the same place, so it is out of synch with the rest of the page. The only solution is to move the mouse over the menu.
You can see this on for example www.planmysport.com, www.atckadoelen.nl, www.tennissupport.nl and www.altc-buitenveldert.nl.
Does anyone know which part of the Java-script is managing this behaviour and how we can fix it?
Thanks for your help, JW

ADF Popup and Dialog

I did notice with the latest IE/7.0.600 (Vista) that when the page opens a popup the first time it expands the window size so you suddenly get scroll bars on the right and bottom of the browser window.
It only does this for the first popup; thereafter it's calculations are fine. 
can you describe this a bit further and also provide the launch code for the popup? Is it JDeveloper11 TP4 you are using ?
Also, in TP4 with IE7 (and IE8b1 in IE7 emulation mode), there is a related minor unpleasant effect with animated popup: sometimes it starts to "gorow" in strange position on the screen (like top-left corner in the middle of the page, sometimes top-left somewhere in the top-left area of the page...) and then jumps to the "align" position. In cases of large popups it is very noticeable, while for small ones it goes in the blink of the eye but is still unpleasant experience for the users. I know it is possible to turn off the animation effects, but still this should be checked. Same behavior appears for us in number of popups on different pages, so it looks like not an exception related to particular code snippet.
we don't test IE8 to this point in time (which includes IE7 emulation). The problem with effects as you describe them is that they don't show in my environment - which doesn't mean that what you see isn't real. However, I need to provide good evidence that problems exist as they are reported so developers have a chance to fix it. This said, any code snipped that allows me to reproduce the problem is welcome
Try Firefox2.0

MVMapDecoration/ MVToolBar are getting cut off

Hello All,
Is it possible to add MVMapDecoration /MVToolBar at upper right corner (or right end of the map) regardless of screen resolution?
I added an MVMapDecoration in my map and it is working smoothly in my browser (screen resolution) but it getting cut off other different screen resolution.
MapViewer Version: Ver11_1_1_4_B100706
Please suggest
Thanks in Advance

Tabs Disappear when "Next" on a Report (shown as Portlet) on a tab page is displayed

Posting Again for attention - Please let me know if this is not the right forum for it.
I am working with the new Portal 3.0.8 version on NT.
I have a Page with tabs and on one of the tab-page is a report (displayed as a portlet) that has a "Next" button at the bottom to show the other rows of the report. In the earlier version (3.0.7), when we clicked on this Next, we would get some JSP errors (discussed in the thread http://technet.oracle.com:89/ubb/Forum81/HTML/000048.html )- this is fixed(?) in the new version (3.0.8).
But - now when I click on the "Next" button, the entire tab region is replaced by the next set of rows of the report and the tabs disappear. The only way to get access to the tabs now is to hit the Back button of the browser.
Has anybody else experienced this or is it me doing something wrong here ... would appreciate any/all response.
I have the same problem with Portal 3.0.8
The tabsdisappear when I press the next button.
Did you get any answer on this Issue??
I have the same problem to on portal 3.0.9 on NT. Has somebody received the answer to this question? If so i would be glad to receive one too
I have the same problem and we're running Portal off of an AIX box. My best solution was to display the first thousand rows and hope the reports didn't exceed that number. It's a pretty sad solution, but the best I could come up with for this problem. In my case, only the tab that I was in is still available and all the other tabs disappear. Hitting the previous button will leave me in the same quandry. 
I used to have this problem.
We have just upgraded from 3.0.8 to and everything
seems to work fine now.
Are you sure? I still have that problem, and in their reply to
my TAR Oracle filed a bug 1842058. Other similar bug numbers
are: 1667269, 1799810, and 1747842.
Their last comment was:
"The bugs associated with this issue have been marked as fixed
in then next version of Portal (9.x). This also obliviates the
role of Support. If you would like to have this functionality in
your version of Portal, then Oracle Support will require the
following from you:
1) A new TAR with the request to backport the functionality.
2) A business justification for the backport request."
I have double checked and it works fine for me.
I am only a user, not the portal / database admin, so I can
only give you sketchy information.
Database Version:
Portal Version:
Not sure what OS we are running but I guess it is a Sun box.
Hope this helps.
Martin Figg 
Are you talking about a report or a form? Tabs in Forms now work
okay, but reports and calendars still have problems. 
It is working for me on Reports (Built By Report Wizard).
I have a two level tab page with a report under each second
level tab and the 'Next' button works fine with the tabs
remaining visible and active.

Menu Items wont Display 9ids

Installed 9ids and testing a sample menu with few menu items. The top level menu item shows on the applet but does not display any of the other menu items (pulldown). Anyone encounter this problem?
I haven't had any luck with that in htmldb either. 
I got your point, sorry i posted it in the wrong forum. Anyway the reason this was happening was that i had two monitors and the 'forms' menu would not work when the browser is on my secondary monitor. Amazing.