Installing E-Business on Linux RH9 - EBS on Linux

Can anyone help ? I have tried installing E-Suite on RH9 and found the update to export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 which got over the first problem I was having now I am getting an Java Exception Error and the Installer will not run. Any Help is Appreciated.
Tony L. Howard

Hi All,
I'm having same problem. I really appreciate any help
Initializing Java Virtual Machine from
03-09-10_12-18-08PM/jre/bin/java. Please wait...
Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
Xlib: No protocol specified
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InternalError:
Can't connect to X11 window
server using ':0.0' as the value of the DISPLAY
at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
at java.lang.Class.forName(
at java.awt.Window.<init>(
at java.awt.Frame.<init>(
at java.awt.Frame.<init>(

Sounds like you are running the install from the console and your X display may not be configured correctly. Try this;
While logged in as root ..
-1- Set your DISPLAY variable
e.g. DISPLAY=; export DISPLAY (where is the correct IP address of your host).
-2- Run the xhost command as root
e.g. $ xhost +
Note: The DISPLAY var you set above must be available to your install session, so I'm assuming you are doing the install as the root user.
Good luck ! 

I have some experience about 11i on RH9. It is true that install 11i on linux is not straightforward but not hard like that either. LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is one trick....gcc is another...i also encouter some tnslnser missing error. just take care of there problems, insall is not hard. 

i am going to try installing 11.5.9 on redhat 9.0...what steps i should take (before or during or after install) to be successfully?

hey i also wann install Oracle Apps on Linux where do i get the software from .. 

go to oracle store and they have trial software available on CD's...i guess it costas around $40 ... 

hey Prakash S Ranade
What is your Email id. I need to ask a couple of things .

Basically, I am new to Linux server. After gaining sufficient exp. with Linux OS,
I thought of re-installing my server, thinking that something wrong with my linux Installation.
1) I re-installed Linux Adv. Server AS 21 (switched from RH9)
2) Removed IBM-JDK comes with AS 21
3) Applied jdk1.3.1_09 from sun's web site ( not blackdown 1.1.8 ) 11.5.9 requires jdk1.3.1
4) Applied pdksh as given by oracle
It took more than 10 hours to install, but installed without any error! The installation is very perfect.
Hence, I think 11.5.9 will not work in any other red hat 8 or 9 unless we know what breaks it and tune it.
Regarding the site - - it is useful only to install 9i or 8i on Red Hat version 7, 8, 9 and AS 21
and not for 11i (at least 11.5.9). Based on this document, I have installed 9i and 8i on RedHat 9, but that does not help in any way to 11.5.9.
Unfortunately, the Red hat AS 21 is not free, and also comes with many bugs, and driver issues.
I do not have ftp server, video drivers for my SIS card, neither audio and kde/gnome working.
I need to tune the server get kde or gnome working after installing some driver update!
But 11.5.9 is working with Red hat AS 21 installation.
Finally, it worked!!!

can u pls send me the step by step procedure for installation of application server 11.5.9 on AS server. to email id:
Thanks in advance

I would like also to get any info (HOWTO, what not to, etc.) about 11i installation on RH9.
my e-mail
Thanks in advance.

Could You Please send a Installation guide(edited by you)
to email :
Oracle ERP 11.5.9 on Red Hat EL AS 3.0......
Huge Thanks.
We need it in such urgent.

Could You Please send me an Installation guide(edited by you) to email :
Oracle ERP 11.5.9 on Red Hat EL AS 3.0......
Huge Thanks.

I did install 11.5.9 on RHEL3. Hence, visit this page
Have anyone installed 1159 on linux AS3.0
Good Luck.

Thanks for your Contribution to Oracle Community.
Can You Pls Send The Installation Doc ( Edited )
it will be very helpful to me ..
Awaiting for the Doc mail.
Oracle Apps DBA
Saudi Arabia


oracle 11g X64 installation help

iam trying to install oracle 11g for x64 on a 64-bit fedora 11 system
i have configured all the required pre-requisites properly,
after providing password , global database name etc..the installer stops at 91 % , i.e even before the actual installation of the software begins
the information from the oracle installer is at "*processing oracle ultra search server rdbms...*" .
the installer doesnt seem to move forward from here
please help me fixing the problem
thanks and regards
You need to find the logs in dir $ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/logs I'm sure there are error messages. Please post them.
Regs, Zoltan 
This is an unsupported configuration. Here's an article from someone,who installed successfully:
No help is possible given two facts:
1. I've never seen it happen.
2. I've never tried to install on an unsupported operating system.
Blow away Fedora and download Oracle Enterprise Linux (
Then cut and paste your way through the configuration using the samples under "Linux" in Morgan's Library at
It is no small number of times, each week, that people with Fedora and other unsupported distros have problems and ask for help.
I can not recall a single person using OEL or RedHat that has posted a request for help here. Perhaps there is a reason. <g> 
Please check, if name resolution of your host works properly, either by making an appropriate /etc/hosts entry or via DNS.
I got the exact same error (on linux x86), as long as the OUI installer complained about a failed Network Setup Check.
Edited by: Thorsten Henrici on Jul 5, 2009 5:16 PM

JINIATIOR 1.4.2_04  EBS  LINUX 4.0  oracle forms unable to open

Hi, Am facing the same issue. I had installed RHEL 4.0 on top of VMware workstation in a Windows XP SP2 Machine with 1GB RAM. EBS version Though, EBS has been successfully installed except the forms componenet, rest everything is working fine. In fact, I did try a few approaches as explained in other sites but all are negative. Appreciate if
someone suggest STEPWISE what is to be done to resolve this issue. Appreciate ur help.
The error message appears as follows while opening up any form;
Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.
Please make sure JDK 1.4.2_04 is installed on your client and NPX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable is set before starting Netscape. To download JDK 1.4.2_04 plugin you can visit Please contact your
system administrator to know the correct version of the plugin.
Am using firefox browser. Even within the browser Edit->Preferences->Download option, the moment I press the DOWNLOAD Option, the browser automatically closes. Is there a problem with the browser?
Similarly as suggested in a sites, had tried linking (linking j2sdk1.4.2_4 folder
with JVM and Mozilla/Plugins, all of the browser windows are getting closed instantly. Need ur help desparately to resolve this issue. Barring this, all of the EBS components are working fine. Don't have metalink access. 
As linux root,
Make the available for Firefox browser
#cd /usr/lib/firefox-
#ln -sf <COMMON_TOP>/util/java/1.4/j2sdk1.4.2_04/jre/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/
Ajikumar G
Expertise in Oracle Apps... 
What the Firefox version?
If you are trying to access Firefox from the Linux machine, please note that Linux is not supported as a client tier.
EBS Client running on Linux
EBS Client running on Linux
Thanks Ajikumar. In fact, I did tried this y'day itself and successfully open up the forms. The resolution was the same which was found from other oracle discussion forum. Appreciate ur help.

Oracle 8.1.6 Release 2 fails on Linux 7.2

Can somebody help me in guiding me how to install Oracle 8.1.6 Release 2 Enterprise Edition for Linux on Red Hat Linux 7.2?
I have followed the step-by-step instructions from the book
"ORACLE 8i for Linux Starter Kit by Steve Bobrowski".
The ISBN for the book is : 0070435738 (0-07-043575-8)
When run the runInstaller from the terminal it says please wait and nothing happens what so ever. Am I missing anything to do if so please guide me.
Thanks a ton in advance.
Ramanujam S. Paravastu.
I have a similar problem. I did all the prep work adn try to fire up the installer and nothing happens.
Any clues as to what can go wrong?
I have a similar problem. I Tried all sorts of permutation combination after having failed to install as your case. I even tried to install JDK1.1.6 but was not sucdessful in installing J.D.K 1.1.6 as I am a novice on Linux platform and am very much keen to have an experience of Oracle on Linux. Actually after downloading JDK1.1.6 I was unable to install it on Linux as I said I am a novice . TRY THIS OUT IT MIGHT WORK!!!!!! If you are able to do so please let me know
Bye Buddy
Samiran Shee
Please login as root first
give command xhost +
then login as oracle user using su - oracle
give command export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5
then goto cd mount point directory cd /mnt/cdrom
give ./runInstaller
Your oracle universal Installer will start.
This Process will definately work.

Having issues with Oracle install on Linux

Can Oracle for linux run on RedHat Linux 8.0 personal edition or does it need to be installed on Advanced server version of linux?
When I try I get many errors in the linking stage for example:
Error in invoking target ntcontab.o of make file
Also it locks up in the configuration tools forcing one to abort the install.
Is there an Linux only version to the install guide for Oracle? I am rather new to Linux (4 days working with it) and this install is driving me crazy !!!
Please Help :-) 
Try the Linux forum. There's some great links there. 
look at

How can i access  Oracle R11i via browser on linux client?

I want to know how i access Oracle R11i via browser on linux client.
Now,we are successfully accessing R11i by WindowsXP + IE6.0.
But, as you know,the expense of windowXP is so high,so we want to use linux platform.
Now,my question is whether we can connect the R11i by browser on linux environment.
Thanks firstly!
We have similar requirements, some of our client machines have Unix workstations (Linux). Kindly help us.
Your Help is greatly appreciated.
Oracle DBA
Try out this way...
First of all, you cant access the Oracle 11i on Linux client through the browser. But you can access in a differant way.
Go through the steps 1 and 2 only if you have not installed JAVA on linux client
1. You need to install JAVA on the linux client.
2. Set the JAVA_HOME.
3. run the command
appletviewer http://SERVERNAME:Port/dev60cgi/f60cgi
Hope this would work out for you..
One can use WINE to run IE to access 11i (Details about Wine can be found at www. ) 
did you ever get this to work .
If you did please lel me know how
Lots of posts about this on metalink. One day they might port the jinitiator :-( 
You can use the Mozilla web browser against 11i running on linux. There is a config file called apporaweb or oraweb.config ... something like that can be modified to allow connections from red hat linux. 
If you have properly installed Java and configured the browser to use it, try this... 
you are a genious david! you hint did the trick to bring up core applications from a linux client.
the fonts look horrible but atleast i am able to login.
thank you. 
I'm able to access 11.5.9 using netscape from red hat linux and sun's jre 1.4.2.. You need to configure the appsweb.cfg under $FND_TOP/resource...
Let me know if you need more info...
has any body done this with some success
Please let me know how
remove the "<--"
How can i configure the appsweb.cfg file?
Can you direction?
I'd configured a setting for Firefox to use Jinitiator under Redhat 8. I haven't got any major issue from client (yes, there're some issues but mostly are because of the users, not the software).
Here're the steps I use, you may need to change it according to your environment...
Client Machine
(1) Install Firefox. It needs a newer version of glibc, so I grep some rpm and install them first. Make sure Firefox runs well.
(2) Install JDK 1.4.2, create symoblic link of the java plugin, as mentioned in website.
(3) Open Firefox, type in "about:plugins" to see which java plugin it uses. You can see a dozen of mime-type, one of them is "application/x-java-applet;version=1.4.1".
11i Web-Tier
(4) Edit the <commtop>/html/bin/appsweb_<sid>_<host>.cfg file. Search for "sun_plugin_mimetype" and change the value from (3).
(5) rebound apache
(6) From client launch Firefox and test
Hope this help!
The instructions on this topic for firefox worked for me out of the box in Suse 9.3, with firefox 1.0.4 and Sun JDK 1.4.2_06.
Here's what I did.
Opened up $COMMON_TOP/html/bin/appsweb_SID_host.cfg
Changed sun_plugin_mimetype to
Changed sun_plugin_version to 1.4.2 (just in case)
Stopped and started 11i
Voila, I was able to login to forms.
Any help would be appreciated. To the best of my knowledge, I have followed the directions from this post and others and still we are unable to use the forms. We get the following result when trying to access one of the forms
"This page contains information of a type (application/x-java-applet;jpi-version=1.4.1) that can only be viewed with the appropriate Plug-in"
Please make sure that JDK 1.4.1 is installed on your client and NPX_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable is set before starting Netscape
The client has Java JRE 1.4.2_04 and the appsweb.cfg has been configured with this parameter.
Thanks in advance for your comments.