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I see from the release notes for 5.2.3 that landscape printing is not currently working. Any idea when this will work again?


setting up printers

hi Guys,
how is it going?
OS: linux
I want to setup a printer on this environment but its not a HP printer. its actually a lexmark printer. So has any one setup non-hp printers and they worked fine?
please provide the steps for non HP printers
Thanks in advance 
The CUPS print server in Linux delivers a fair number of 'foomatic' drivers for Lexmark printers. Once you get the right driver configured on the Linux side, you should be able to define a PASTA printer in Apps that points to the correct Linux print queue...
Actually, if the Lexmark printer supports Postscript, you might be able to just define the Linux print queue in CUPS as 'Generic Postscript Printer Foomatic/Postscript', without having to find a specific Lexmark driver on the Linux side. We've done that with the one Lexmark we have here, and it's worked just fine.
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Thanks boss

PASTA driver for Xerox Workcenter?

i've set PASTA Universal driver for my Xerox Workcente Pro 55 and i use CUPS for install and manage the printers, in CUPS i've choose HP laserjet drivers.
The cups test page is ok, but when i print from EBS with style LANDSCAPE of PASTA, the rows are truncated at left margin.
There is some driver that working with Xeorx WorkCenter?

Direct report Printing from Oracle Apps

We have deployed Oracle Apps on IBM P Series (AIX 5.3 as OS) servers.
We are having trouble in getting the direct printing done e.g. for checque printing etc.
IBM guys say that ideally no printers should be installed on the IBM AIX servers since the printing has to be done on the client end only.
We have many (100s of them) dot matrix printers which are deployed at the cient PCs.
The Oracle Apps consultant insists that we need to have AIX drivers for all the printers which need direct printing and these printers need to be installed on the Production server. Or else we need to buy new printers which have AIX drivers.
Can some one help me on this? 
To print concurrent requests (i.e. reports which are processed by concurrent managers), you have to set up the printer at the OS level (on the node where the CM is running). Make sure you can print directly from the OS before you register the printer with Oracle Applications. 
There are a few companies that have developed software that will allow you to print to client printers from the ebusiness suite (I have developed a small utility that does it also). If you want the company names I can provide them to you, contact me via email. 
I was going through the response above and need little insight about you Idea,
Due to a RUP6 patch my XML publisher get updated which is causing my all checque printing alignment disturbed, my user was printing via PDF to print on client machine itself, I am having around 800 customized reports and most of them are running with disturbed alignment,
As per recommendation from ORACLE i need to installed all the printer driver installed on my AIX box and print queue need to be happen on Server itself and then routed to client workstation,
is it wise to turn your Apps server into print server?? please correct if my understanding is not in same line of the solution proposed,

EBS R12.2.4 Printer Driver for Windows Server 2012

Hi ALL, EBS R12.2.4Windows  2012  Has anyone able to setup  printer for EBS  on Windows 2012 server? Which is used for direct printing, and not using thru browser printing?Does your printer has specific driver for Window 2012 64bit? Or any 64bit driver will do? e.g. driver for 64bit Win XP, Win7,8, etc will work on Windows 2012? My issue is we have EPSON Printer which can be installed in Windows 7,8, 10, & Vista but not on Windows 2012.  Please help...  Kind regards,
Hi jc, If this Epson is the FX-2175 dot matrix printer from your other threads, you can likely use the default Windows ESC/P 9 pin V4 Class driver from Windows 2012.…  Epson EscP/2 – used in some serial printers and older inkjet printers from Epson.Epson Esc/Page – used in many Epson laser printers.Epson Script – used in some Epson laser printers. Printing PDF/bitmapped reports directly to a dot matrix printer will require extra setup because Pasta normally converts PDF to Postscript which the Epson does not understand. Dot-Matrix Printer in Applications (Doc ID 1121777.1)How To Setup Pasta For Epson Esc/P Printers (Doc ID 739186.1) I have seen evidence of people getting this working on dot matrix printers. Pasta check printing program printing garbage in R12 application - Toolbox for IT Groups  Regards,Michael
Thanks Michael, Does this mean that the one you setup using a laser printer will not work on dot-matrix?  Kind regard,
Hi jc, No.  It means you would have to copy printer types and styles making Epson specific version with specified printer initialization strings from the notes  in order to print PDF to Epson dot matrix printers.  The steps from the notes have nothing to do with any other laser printer configurations you may have executed. Regards,Michael
Thanks Michael

Barcode font 3of9 with Windows 2000

We have some reports (release, Oracle Server with this font. In PC clients Windows 9x it works well, but in PC clients with Windows 2000, that font appears bigger in screen and printer.
The font is installed on the PC and if you use it in a Word document, appears with its original size, both screen and printer. It's only in Oracle reports when the size is bigger.
Someone knows the reason? Is necessary install a patch for this version of Oracle Reports? Use another barcode font?
Hi Pepito
This looks like a minor glitch to me. You may want to contact Oracle Support to get this issue resolved.