Error message in CorpTime client on Mac OS X10.2.3 - Calendar(Archived)

I'm trialing use of CorporateTime 5.2.3 on a G4 PowerBook. It installed and worked fine yesterday but today I get the following error when I try to log into the server.
Module <CApplicationCorporateTime.cp>, Label:
10, Service error #(0x16327)
The app then quits. Same result when trying to work offline. Reinstalled ater deleting the files in /Library/CFMSupport/CST* but got the same error. Does anyone know the meaning and/or fix?

Please remove the following files:
CorporateTime Prefs
CorporateTime Index
CorporateTime Data
CorporateTime Params
CorporateTime Timezones.
Empty your Trash can and try connecting again. This should resolve the problem.
Trusting this is to your entire satisfaction,
Manon Delisle


Oracle 10g Installation on WinXP Pro

Hi there,
I've recently downloaded the Oracle 10g for Win32 and tried to install it into my WinXP Pro computer but each time I double click on the installation files (whether it is the autorun mode or the direct setup.exe icon), I've got an error msg. pop up;
"Windows cannot access te specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item"
Eventually I've already login as an Administrator and yet to received this msg. The documentation files are accessible but not the installation files.. Any idea ?? 
try to run the setup file from the command line.
santosh sewlal 
I've got a similar problem.
When running "setup.exe" from Disk1 of the download distribution, it starts "Universal Installer", which wont go further than the "Specify File Locations" screen. All the information in the fields look correct, but pressing "Next" just causes the installer to pause, then return to the "Specify File Locations" screen.
I have also tried running "setup.exe" from the DOS command line, with exactly the same results.
I dont get any error message or anything.
Does anyone know what might cause this, or where I might find a log file or something?
PS I think I'm running Service Pack 2 of WinXP Pro. 
Hmmm...are you sure the entire zip file downloaded correctly? When you un-zipped it, did you specify the option to maintain the directory structure? Are you running the installer as an admin user? Do you have enough space? Are you running a firewall? (during installation, there will be some connecting to ports so make sure you allow it). Oh, and disconnect your machine from the internet first.
I didn't encounter any difficulties when I installed on WinXP Pro (SP1).
I didn't know there was an SP2 for XP Pro.
Thanks for your help, Eric.
I managed to get it working by using the version of universal installer I already (installed) had from the 10G database install (X), rather than the copy that came in the Forms distribution (Y).
I suspect it had something to do with the values automatically suggested for the Oracle HOME to use.
(Y) was suggesting the same HOME as the 10G database HOME, which I dont think would work.
(X) gave me an error message if I tried to select the existing oracle home, but also suggested a new one, which I chose, after which everything went OK.
I think perhaps (Y) has some problem not displaying the error message....
And yes, I am on WinXP (SP1), not SP2; you caught me out!
Thanks again,
Dear Eric,
Yes, there is WinXP Pro SP2 available but it is still in the RC (Released Candidate) version. You can download it from webpage.
I usually wait until SPn+1 is available before I install SPn.

Installation dies on Win2K3...

When I double-click on the install, I get the following error:
Application Error
The instruction at "0x00409030" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".
Yipes? Any help? Here's my current environment:
Windows Server 2003 SP1
.Net 1.1
VS 2003
Oracle 9i Client Release 2 (
Thanks for any help you toss my way. This is my first foray into developing with Oracle, and it has not been a pleasant experience so far. Hopefully if I can get this going, that tide will turn.
I have nothing but a few IE windows open during the install. Any ideas? 
Any luck with this one yet? I'm experiencing the same problem. I'm running basically the same as you, except without the Oracle 9.2. I have installed the oui220180_nt thinking that may help, but it did not. The Application Error you refer to occurs for oui.exe. I'll keep you posted if I find out what is wrong.
Well I tried to run the installation several times ( in a virtual machine environment ), and finally decided to try one more thing...
I moved the folder containing the setup, from a location buried several directory levels down on a network drive to a simple DOS 8.3 style directory on my c: drive, (ie: c:\download\ ) and that seems to have fixed the problem.
I click on the setup.exe and it loads the installer now. What a lame problem. 
Same problem with XP pro. Moved it to "C:\oracletoinstall\" and the installation went on without a hitch. 
So I can try to replicate this problem and get it fixed, could you please tell me:
1) The actual path of the Oracle home that was causing the crash
2) The configuration -- network drive? 
I'm, or should i say was, having the same problem.
i have W2K3/oracle 10.2 and i'm using a responsefile.
the media is located at:
then underneath that is:
os10g.bat, which has the setup -silent -responsefile <path>\10g.rsp
.\10201_database_win32, which is the 10g install media
COPied the media and files to a drive on the local machine...
changed the dot BAT and dot RSP file, replacing \\server\share\software\upgrad\oracle with O:; re-ran batch and installation proceeded as expected.

9i Installation problem : Error in writing to file awt.dll

I am getting following error during installation of 9i database on Windows 2000 server SP4. It's a standalone machine and I logon with Administrator user id.
The error message comes immediately when installation starts (at 0%).
Message is "Error writing to file c:\Program files\Oracle\jre\1.3.1\bin\awt.dll"
One suggestion was to see security setting in windows. But which particularly ?
I checked rights on directory etc..
Can you suggest something else ? 
Are you running this installation session on top of a previous installation? This error means the awt.dll is already in use and loaded by windows. I suggest you to rename it, restart your windows OS and retry.
~ Madrid 
Thanks Madrid. It worked !!
Similar error did come for another file ociw32.dll and I did same thing (rename). It worked again. 
I'm glad to hear that. The dll's issue is because Windows loads the dll's and even when there are no oracle processes using them they are protected. This was the fast track troubleshooting, there is another procedure, I don't have it handy, to deregister the dll's from the explorer.
~ Madrid

2.1 Install completes, but does not work, need clean uninstall to retry

I had sqldev v1.5. I attempted installing w/jdk but recieved many errors for duplicate plugins, such as oracle.dbtools.migration.workbench.plugin.SQLServer7Plugin, including sybase, browser and many others. All labeled starting with "oracle.sqldeveloper.migration." or "oracle.sqldeveloper.thirdparty.browsers"
On the logging page it is listed as sequence 94, elapsed 0, source oracle.ide.IdeCore, message "Exception firing addinsLoaded to oracle.jdevimpl.vcs.VCSManagerImpl$6#150d5d6"
I then attempted to delete the old 1,5 install and the 2.1 install folders to try for a clean install.
While the install completed, 2.1 does not work. The duplicate plugin errors still appear, and when attmepting to create a new db connection, the dialog does not start, so I can not connect to any databases.
I need to know what I have to do to remove any and all files and plugin definitions and anything else SQLDev creates so that I can attempt a completely clean install.
Platform is lenovo t60, Win Xp pro sp3, attempting to install sqldev onto a USB flash drive, the old 1.5 was installed on a local harddisk, but the folder has been deleted. 
Appears you installed in the same directory as your old version. Release notes say to start from a fresh empty directory. Make a new clean folder and try again.
Evita, No, it was a separate directory. Separate storage in fact. The original was on a local hard drive. The installation directory was on a USB flash drive. (corsair survivor if that means anything)
I suspect this has something to do with the jdk, but until I understand the problem I see no sense in banging my head on the wall. 
First off, make sure you only have standard ASCII in the install path.
Delete/backup the systemXXX directory(s) in the (hidden) Application Data under your Windows user profile, which stores all preferences and settings. It will be recreated on next startup.
If that doesn't work, do you get any errors or exceptions in the console when you run from \sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe?
Hope that helps,
Also, have same 2.1 problem. Installed 2.1 in separate directory (R1.5 still works); sqldeveloper.exe does not work (note: there is no /bin directory). Also, checked Java console for errors, none were found. Thanks 
If you have no subdirectories, you probably forgot to check the option to unzip with original structure, although I guess you might have a corrupt download too.
Hope that helps,
Hi all,
i am running into exactly the same issue on my netbook, which is running under XP. There was never any Oracle software installed before. I have installed the JDK Version 1.6.0_18-b07 and then unzipped the non JRE archive "" of SQL-Developer into the directory c:\Oracle\products\sqldeveloper . The archive file i have used is not corrupted, i have successfully installed SQL-Developer from this file on two Linux boxes. After starting the program, this error messages are reported in the logging-page panel:
SEVERE     82     4328     oracle.ide.IdeCore     Exception firing mainWindowOpened to oracle.dbtools.raptor.RaptorDBAddin$1#a92801
SEVERE     77     3297     oracle.ide.IdeCore     Exception firing mainWindowOpened to oracle.ideimpl.jsr198.OracleIDE$1#fbfa2
SEVERE     74     0     oracle.jdeveloper.db.DatabaseConnections     DatabaseConnections has no JNDI context so cannot list connections.
SEVERE     73     31     oracle.jdevimpl.db.adapter.DefaultContextWrapper     Failed to create naming Context for db connections at url: file:/C:/Documents and Settings/Frank/Application Data/SQL Developer/system2.
SEVERE     72     1313     oracle.jdevimpl.db.adapter.DefaultContextWrapper     Failed to create naming Context for db connections at url: file:/C:/Documents and Settings/Frank/Application Data/SQL Developer/system2.
SEVERE     71     0     oracle.ide.IdeCore     Exception firing addinsLoaded to oracle.jdevimpl.vcs.VCSManagerImpl$6#1b7c680
If i try to create a new connection, the error message "Could not load connection type: Teradata" is reported in a pop-up window. After confirming this pop-up i see a crippled connection dialog where i can only enter the connection- and the user-name and have only the choice between Oracle and Access. The only type of Oracle-connection i can configure is "Proxy-Connection".
After that i have installed the Oracle client which also comes with SQL-Developer 1.1 pre-installed, then deleted the directories C:\Documents and Settings\Frank\.sqldeveloper and C:\Documents and Settings\Frank\Application Data\sqldeveloper and tried to run SQL-Developer 1.1 ... The result is exactly the same, with reporting the same error messages.
Now on my Netbook i am using the pre-installed "Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 3".
Could that be the problem?
Best regards from Houston (TX),

OCR cannot be installed

During the installation of Oracle 10g on Windows XP Professional I get an "OCR cannot be installed" error message. When I continue anyhow the installer will hang trying to start the service. The OracleCSService is in the list of services but when I try to start it manually it won't run. Are there any dependent services that need to be running? 
i have the same problem on win 2000 sp 4.!
I've got the same thing with Win2k Sp2. During the install I had 'errors' along the lines -
--> clscfg.exe has generated errors ...
--> Failed to initialize OCR ...
--> The dynamic link library mscoree.dll could not be found in the specified path ...
which finally culminated in
--> OS error in starting service
--> OracleCSService
I believe this is the same problem that you are having.
Could not find any info on metalink - hopefully someone from Oracle will come across this thread and offer some suggestions :) 
It looks like there's a dependent file that isn't on your Windows installs. A quick google came up with this:
Filedescription: Microsoft .NET Runtime Execution Engine, v. 1.0.3705.0
Filesize to download: 64k
The link above allows you to download and install it, which might help. Perhaps you don't have the latest Windows Service Pack, or all the O/S prerequisites?
i have all patches for win 2000 and i copy also the
.net framework on the maschine but i have the problem
with the installation. the oracleCSService will not start.
Hi Alison,
thanks for your help, but I'm afraid that didn't do the trick. I installed the latest .NET framework 1.1 including mscoree.dll, yet still the same problem.
Maybe I should wait for 10g Release 2, with 9i that solved a lot of problems... 
I think this is worthy of a call to Oracle Support.
I got the same prob installing on WinXP Home, which is not supported. Under Win2K Server I had no probs.
Both Windows version have .NET 1.1 and the latest SPs installed, so I think, it's a prob beside both.
Got the same problem.
Install failed. Did copy oci.dll from first install attempt into new ORACLE_HOME/bin during third install attempt. After booting the database is in nomount (status started in v$instance). Had to mount and open it in sqlplus (alter database mount / open). Enterprise Manager needs some minutes until it recognizes instance startup.
OracleCSService does not start - hangs in starting process.
So this is not the optimal workaround.
I've got the same problem on some Win XP Pro installations and one Win 2k Server.
One idea that came to my mind is that the problem could be dependent on the language version of Windows (...there were problems like this in other Oracle "first releases"...).
Unfortunately, setting my Regional Settings to English wouldn't fix the problem (but the Installer then still starts in german...).
Can you confirm that you are also on a German (or non-English) version of Windows?
when you search in oracle metalink (OracleCSService), comes null results ... i hope anybody from oracle
read this problem here.
I am in fact using a German version of Windows as well, but I never had any language related problems with Oracle products yet.
The problem with the OracleCSService seems to be the result of another error. Before the startup of the service a file %ORACLE_HOME%/bin/clscfg.exe tries to determine the user's privileges on the machine and fails finding the group NetLocalGroup (maybe this is a language problem). Thus another file .../local.ocr remains empty and might be the reason why OracleCSService cannot be started completely.
The other language related problems I had do not show up in products you could call current. But way back in Oracle7 times some installations only went through when ths system was set to "English" in advance...
I can also confirm that the $OH/cdata/localhost/local.ocr is empty. It is not empty in a 10g Linux environment. Unfortunately it is a binary file...
Just found this on metalink:
This is bug 3388817 (still being worked on by Development).
Posting from the BUG:
The error comes from the ORADIM -NEW command to create a new instance.
Specifically when ORADIM tries adding the windows system account to the ORA_DBA group.
It seems like ORADIM always searches for an account named NT
However, on french windows systems, this account is called AUTORITE
NT/SYSTEM (and called otherwise on german, italian, swedish ... platforms)
So I guess it IS a language related problem afterall...
I am pretty sure our "OCR problem" it is not caused by the ORADIM command: I never configure a DB when installing software, so I don't execute the ORADIM command during installation. I do this manually. (Strange enough I don't get an error using ORADIM.)
So I just hope the Oracle people also think of the OCR stuff fixing it...