how to get page break in PSP reports - Reports

Dear All,
is there a way to generate reports with page break using PSP .i
am going to use ORacle 9iAS/9i DB and also apart from ORacle 6i
i want to generate reports using PSP/Oracle 9iAS and i need to
have a facilty for online printing of report like with page
breaks and sub totals should come on my report...please clarify
this asap...


Reports 10g Question

Hello All,
I am in the process of converting reports from 6i ti 10g.
When I run my report in Web Layout nothing shows up. Is it an environment setup issue ? How do fix this issue ?
Pls help...
In Reports 6i, there was no web layout, so if you convert a report from 6i to 10i, only the paper layout is converted (which can still be used in html or pdf mode).
If you need an additional web layout, you have to create it after the convertion took place.

oracle reports vs crystal reports

we are in the process of evaluating oralce reports and crystal reports for our reporting purpose.
presently we are giving reports to our customers using ASP technology, we get data from database using sql and print data as html to browser.
our database is getting migrated to oracle from sql server. so they want to use either oracle reports or crystal reports
i have gone through the crystal reports, in crystal reports. can any one tell me whether below things are also possible in oracle reports
we need to dispaly the reports in the web browser using ASP
1. you can create summary reports and drill down to details
2. create sub reports and link with main report. limitation here is you can navigate onely to one sub report level.. you cannot have nested sub reports
3. can call crystal report from asp page
4. export the report to excel/pdf/word formats
5. matrix kind of reports are possible, crystal calls them as cross tab reports
6. you can link a stored procedure to the report and crystal report will execute this stored procedure and didplay data
are there any special features in oracle whic are unique to oracle reports
Thanks in advance. what ever information you can give will be of lot of help in our evaluation

pdf report

I am new to the oracle reports so i need your kind advise, suggestions for the follwoing:
I have to create 6 pdf reports, each one will have 4 sub sections, user will click the print button on the form and then it will prints these 6 reports inluding all subsections. I understood the form part, but i need some advise for the reports so i can use the better approach, method..
Thank you all. 
Create your reports using the Reports builder. There is documentation available on OTN which will tell you how to do this. Use Run_report_Object builtin in the form you have developed, with destination format set as PDF to call your reports.

single report with multiple pdf file

Hi all,
How do I get multiple pdf file for each page of 1 report which contains multiple pages in report-6 version?
pls. help me... 
Not for Reports 6i. You will need to run the report per per page.
In 10g you can use advanced distribution options (although I am not completely sure you can use distribution per page).

newbie question

I have a 6i report which I've opened up in 9i report builder. When i run the report, i get a blank page in my Internet explorer window. I don't know what type of configuration i require in order to run this report on the web. I have successfully accessed web Forms
do you get a blank page in both web and paper layout?
I don't recall doing anything to migrate from 6 -> 9i, not sure about 6i though.
Does the form you are trying having parameters? 
I meant does the report you are trying have parameters - not form.
If you will be integrating Forms & Reports you may want to read: "Integrating Oracle9iAS Reports Services in Oracle9iAS Forms Services" on OTN.
You can directly access this whitepaper with the URL
I had to add code to a trigger of the report for my parameter reports to run properly when called from forms. 
Can you run a paper layout on the web? I do have a parameter form, and when I run the report (in paper mode) it is ok, but it is not on the web.
Maybe I should just write a PL/SQL Server page for the reports. I'm really pressed for time. 
1) In the web how are you running ?
You should run like this typically
2) If you run like this you will get a blank page because your report (6i) does not have weblayout (jsp)
The Oracle Reports Team