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Hello friends
I have just installed Win Pro and would be interseted to know if you had encountered any problems installing Oracle 9i. What preparation is required to install it? Is straight forward?
Thanks in advance

I got some problems on win 2000 Pro.
What about You exactly?

If you want install on Win2002. First of all you install Service Pack 5 or higher,
You should install Win XP
Saif Ali Sabri


Installing Oracle 9i RAC under Windows XP

hi, all?
I am not good at Oracle, but I have to install Oracle 9i RAC on Windows XP(sp1) machine.
Is it possible to install it?
if so, is there any guide documents about it?
All documents which i found are talking about installing under Linux or win2k.
It didn't mentioned anything about win xp.
Thanks in advance
it is not support

OraCle 9i Version Confusion

i Downloaded Oracle from Oracle Site, On my PC i have installed Windows 2000 Proferssional with SP4 or Windows XP{ Professional With SP2 now my query  is that version install on my PC or not
Why this doubt raised in your mind ??? There is no question of not installing on windows 2000 professional with SP4 or Windows XP SP2. It will be installed on both OS without any problem. Are you facing problem in that........
On Windows 2000 professioanl there must be SP4 installed for Oracle 9i to be installed and that is already there. 
Yes, (Windows 2000/SP4 and Oracle9i 9.2) is a good combination. 
I'm not sure i understand your question, but if you want to find out wether or not will Oracle 9i work over Windows XP, the answer is that it is only certified for Windows 2000 version.

Oracle 9i for Windows XP

I have Windows XP Service Pack 2 on my laptop. The Installation of Oracle 9i keeps failing towards the end. Can you pls. let me know what I should do?

Oracle 9i on Windows XP Pro

We are looking at installing Oracle 9i (Release 2) on a desktop here for testing purposes. We used to have Oracle installed on a 2000 Pro machine but we had a lot of problems with it and were informed that it was known that Windows 2000 Pro and Oracle didnt get along.
I am trying to find out if there is similar problems with Oracle 9i and Windows XP Pro. Are there any issues that I should know of?
Thanks in advance.
I doubt there are any problems with 9i on XP that can't be handled. I used it for some time on that same OS without problems though I didn't do a great amount of work with it. Check the release notes they should say something about that.
What about Oracle 9i on Windows 2003 EE? Any knows issues with that.

Which version for SUSE LINUX prof. 9.2

I would like to know which version of Oracle DB 10g to download. I would like to run a desktop with SUSE LINUX prof. 9.2 as the server and to run a laptop with Windows XP as the client. Is this possible? Which installation guide should I be following and what are the pre-installation steps? Sorry in advance for my ignorance - this is my first attempt at such a project.
Many thanks