Learning PL/SQL online - Certification Community

Anyone have any recommendation on free online documents or book for learning
oracle PL/SQL eg teach yourself PL/SQL in 21 days.
Help is really appreciate


Link to the online course

There was an online course of oracle 8 on some oracle website. i lost the link does anybody know about that link.
It is very important

online Learning for OA Frame work

as i am woking as oracle developer but now i want to learn oracle oa framewokr to improve my skill in oracle application suit,so i wan to know any body can conduct online classes,
please reply me at samejhone#yahoo.com
We conduct online training classes. Please contact us for more details
thanks for reply and sharing information,
But i want to take training on personal leave rather then any organization base,
could any body here, who may conduct training me please contact me,


hi this sham from hyderabad
can yyou please give details about the courses to be learnt before learning pl/sql course.
thank you. 
Hi Sham, welcome to the forum!
Before learning PL/SQL you need to have a good grasp of SQL.
I suggest you take a look at the Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL course at: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getCourseDesc?dc=D64252 
Hi Sham welcome to oracle forum, well I think your are studying some computer science carrier, my recomendatioms is the Book Oracle PL/SQL 9i of the editorial Press. this is exelent book. if you need more information about it, write me. greetings.

oracle books for apex ?

hi all ,
does not oracle offer books for learning apex ?
if i had a course in oracle , will not she give me a book to learn from it !!
i do not find books regarding apex in the market except some of some writers
books like
beggining oracle application express
pro application express
and 2 day + developers guide on apex documentation
and they are not enough at all
is there another resources ?
thanks in advance 
any help , please
there is no detailed book 
Depends to some extent where in the world you are located as all books are not available to buy in all countries.
Try searching Amazon.com with key words Oracle Application Express and you will see pretty much see all that is available in book form.
And they are adequate to get started. The books usually do not cover the latest release because it take time for the authors to write them, and the releases happen just too often :-)
these books i mentioned which i found on amazon and other sites
just these
and there are no detailed books
i am asking about oracle official material (book) for courses
or any other detailed book if you know one
Have you seen this?
you did not get me
i want to learn apex from scratch 
Well, all the books and tutorials start from beginer level and go to some advanced levels.
Just like you cannot learn to swim without getting into water, you cannot learn Apex without dabbling in it ;-)
Get yourself an installation of Apex and start off with that and a book / tutorial/ Help (which is also pretty good).
No text books, the likes of Haliday & Resnick Part 1 & 2 for Physics or G.B. Thomas for Calculus / Coordinate Geometry in real world !
I will suggest to start here http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/learnmore/index.html#education 
Not enough for what ?
Did you read any of those books?
Beginning and Pro Oracle Application Express 4 books are nice start for someone new to apex.

Oracle Forms Interview Questions

Does anyone know of an online resource that may provide suitable questions to ask of a prospective Oracle Forms developer? 
Oracle Developer - Advanced Forms and Reports: Peter Koletzke & Dr. Paul Dorsey has a whole chapter with interview questions and their answers for Beginner, medium and advanced developers.