OO40 assert failure - OO4O and Wizards(Archived)

Using 0040 against Oracle 8i, received the following assert. Any ideas as to why?
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Assertion failed!
File: scr\include\ociwrap.h
Line: 107
Expression: OCIEnvCreate(&m_hOCIEnv, mode,(dvoid*)0, 0, 0, 0, (size_t)0,
For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the
Visual C++ documentation on asserts
(Press Retry to debug the application = JIT must be enabled)

Did you resolve this problem ? I have started experiencing the same problem on a specific PC and suspect corruption of the registry.

What version of OO4O are you using? To find out, right click on the ORACLM32.DLL and select properties and then select the version tab.
What operation is failing with this error (eg. Select, Update, Delete, Insert etc).


Alternative explantations for "provider failure" with MS SQLServer plug-in.

I am attempting to set up the SQL Server plugin. After much messing about, I have got to the stage where the agent can connect to the sql server, but all the metric collection queries show an 0x80041004 error.
em_error='SELECT name,sqlservername,initialsize,spaceavailable,lastbackup FROM mssql_transactionlog WHERE sqlservername ='(local)'' query execution failed. Error code = 0x80041004 em_error=An error has occured while fetching WMI data.
According to Microsoft Technet, this error number means ' WMI Provider Failure' and can occur if the user querying the WMI is a local user 'created since the WMI service was started'. There is apparently a hotfix for this, but workaround ( restart the WMI service) is not effective so I have doubts that the technet note applies to my situation.
Has anyone seen this problem and solved it?
Agent version:
Windows Version: 2000 SP4
Sql Server Version: 2000 (8.00.2309)
Plugin version: 3..
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I have the same problem....
Any idea? 
Try that on command prompt:
wmiadap /f
wmiadap /resyncperf
restart 'Windows Management Instrumentation' service
And see this page on metalink https://metalink.oracle.com/metalink/plsql/f?p=130:14:5237722199786278844::::p14_database_id,p14_docid,p14_show_header,p14_show_help,p14_black_frame,p14_font:NOT,367797.1,1,1,1,helvetica 
Same problem.
Metalink note 367797.1 seems not help.
Any idea? 
Follow WMI trouble shooting:
Thans for reply.
Using wbemtest to run the query found in Metric Errors page I resolve the issue. In my case error 0x80041004 was due to offline database.

C++ debug library error after upgrade

I have only one user using Hyperion and needed an upgrade to Oracle’s Hyperion® Essbase® – System® 9 Service Fix augments Release After the upgrade install, we encountered this message at the Windows logon. "Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library Debug Error! C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\EXCEL.EXE This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more infomation. (Press Retry to debug the application) Abort Retry Ignore".
The user states Excel and Hyperion appear to be running fine except for the above error message.
I have uninstalled Excel and reinstalled, same issue.
Can someone provide me suggestions how to resolve the error message?
Thank you, 
I have still not received any feedback regarding this issue.
Can anyone provide me any comments or suggestions how to resolve?
Thank you in advance.

OS Authentication Connection Errors

I installed SQL Developer 1.5.1 and Java 6 last week. I setup some database connections using login/password and others using OS Authentication. Everything was working great. Overnight some automatic updates were pushed out to the machine. The next day, when trying to use SQL Developer all of the connections using OS Authentication were failing. If I try to open one of the OS Authentication connections, the application closes abruptly. The username/password connections are still working fine.
I suspect it might be a Java issue. In the sqldeveloper/bin directory I get a log file each time the application crashes. Some highlights from the log file:
"An unexpected error has been detected by Java Runtime Environment:
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (oxc0000005) at pc=0x61d3e2a0, pid=3144, tid=960"
Some thread information follows, concluding with:
"compacting perm gen total 42752K, 99% used
No shared spaces configured"
Looking at the Environment Variables in the log, everything appears to still be pointing correctly to the Java jdk1.6 directory.
Has anybody else encountered this? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
A couple of other things to note:
When I Test the connection, I receive the error message: 'Status : Failure - Test Failed: invalid arguments in call'
I also setup a JDBC connection using the advanced type and the OS Authentication box checked. When I run a test on the JDBC connection, it comes back successful. However, when I actually try to open the connection, I get the same behavior. The application abruptly closes and there are similar Java errors noted in a log file.
I've tried reinstalling Java and SQL Developer without any luck.
Problem resolved.
I reinstalled the Oracle 11g client. At that point I started getting 'No ocijdbc10 in java.library.path'.
I had to add various jar files to my classpath to resolve that issue, which I found here:
no ocijdbc10 in java.library.path
Then I started getting 'ocijdbc11.dll could not find dependent libraries'. In order to resolve that I had to add ORACLE_HOME/bin to my PATH.
I'm not sure what changed that made all of this necessary, but everything is working fine again.
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Data provider internal error(-3000) [system.string]

I deployed my vb.net application in many user's desktop.
my application is using odp.net.
There was no problem in deploying in many XP desktop, but only one desktop has the problem like this;
'Data provider internal error(-3000) [system.string]' when it starts..
I think, it perhaps occurs at the step of db connection.
I already reserched all of articles of OTN (regarding multiple install , wrong odp version,,,) but those are not useful...sorry..
Any advises could be a big help for me...
Thanks in advance.
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Can you provide some additional details on the versions you are using when deploying your application. This type of exception in earlier versions was the direct result of mismatched dependencies. It would be helpful if you could provide some information on the line of code executing that results in the -3000.
Thank you for your quick help
The infomation of my application is below:
- The version of oracle client that my application using is "11.1.0".
- The included oracle DLL files are : oci.dll, ociw32.dll, oraociei11.dll, oraops11w.dll, oracle,dataaccess.dll
- .Net framework version is 3.5
And unfortunately, the error message occurred from user's desktop in which has no Visual Studio tools to debug.
so I can't know where the error happens, I'm sorry.
But I think, as I first run the application, it may try to connect to oracle db. at that time the error happens..
Only one PC has the problem....
If you need additional info or something , please let me know.
Thanks you so much 
I recommend you use Process Monitor and get a detailed log of the application running on that desktop when it fails to see if there is some sort of dependency chain failure or permissions issue with loading dependencies. You can set a filter to the specific process name for your application. Start at the bottom of the log and see if there are any events such as loading a DLL or or dependency that failed due to not being found or permissions.
This may provide some clue since this is machine specific.

Error updating the FDQM Menu Maker

I am having a error when every time I try to update the FDQM Menu Maker.
The scripts that have been already activated work fine and are showed without problems.
But If I try to modify anything in the Menu Maker, for example rename a Caption for a script I get the following error when I click on "Update Grid" :
Application Error:
Description: An exception occurred during the execution of the web request. Please contact the administrator to review the stack trace in the event log for more information about the error.
**Does anyone know how to solve it ?**
Does anything show in the FDM user error log? tools > view error log 
in the error log there is nothing!
The error is just on the screen when I click on update grid, and no update is done.
Application Error:
Description: An exception occurred during the execution of the web request. Please contact the administrator to review the stack trace in the event log for more information about the error.
Is this Oracle for the database? Have the appropriate ODAC components been installed on the server?
Oracle Objects for OLE
Oracle Provider for OLEDB
Oracle Providers for ASP.NET
Oracle Data Provider for .NET 
we have Oracle for the database.
The menumaker has allways worked fine, since a week ago when I activated some scripts in it and started to get this error.
The scrpits already activated on the menu maker work fine, I get the error only if I try to update the menu maker after modifying something in it.
The ODAC components are installed.
Thanks for your help. 
Did you create the scripts via the workbench as web scripts or copy them from somewhere?