OO4O Downloadable/Printable Documentation - OO4O and Wizards(Archived)

I am thinking of implementing the OO4O abilibities for my software. Is there any downloadable or printable documentation? I have been to the pages including information on this but there were all one page with links to next or other pages meaning I'd have to print many, many, many pages over and over again. Can someone lead me in the right direction? Thanks, Jeremy 

None that I am aware of. The help file is the docs and there just is no easy way to dump that out to a printer. 

Hi Jeremy



Hi - fairly new to HTMLDB and just attended an Oracle .. where in the documentation can I find a list of all the predefines that are available, the workshop used USER but I'm sure there's a whole bunch of useful others.
The online help has a list of built-in substitution strings that may be of help 
Is there a printable copy of the entire help anywhere ? I'm old an prefer a manual ! ;-) 
Have you tried looking here -
Oracle do actually document this stuff you know ;)

Internationalization - Language

I have read in the Developers guide about internalization and different languages, it says it works but that is about all. Nothing how to do it.
I want to have the column headings in a table to be different depending on the users preferred language.
Anyone that have any ideas?
Regards Martin 
I solved the problem, my self. So now my pages look nice in several languages.
/Martin Astrom, EXPLIT AB Sweden 
May be you can write some words on how you managed to get it working? I think it will be helpfull to others, especially when the documentation lacks the details..
I totally agree about the bad documentation.
Oracle delivers 2 java program XLIFFExtractor and XLIFFImporter with the JDeveloper patch for OA Framework.
You first runs XLIFFExtractor to create a type of XML file where you manually enters your translation to another language.
Then you run the XLIFFImporter to add the translation to the MDS.
Hope that this short explanation can help you.
For the details look in the Developers guide chapter Translation Personalization.
Martin Astrom 
Hi, Martin
Thanks for the details, i'll try it a bit later, but your explanations sound very clear :)
WBR, Serg. 
i have designed my whole application in US English Lang ,
but now i want to use internationalization in my application ,
I want do develop an Application with multiple Language
i don't know how to do it,
I have read in the Developers guide about internalization and different languages, it says it works but that is about all. Nothing how to do it
pls help
Though information is available as part of Translating personalizations folks who develop new pages and donot read personalization document will find it difficult locating it. We will document these internationalization issues separately.

Blogging tool for HTMLDB

Can anyone recommend a blogging tool to create a blog in HTMLDB?
I haven't found any so far, however it's on my to-do list to create one. 
Can anyone recommend a blogging tool to create a blog
in HTMLDB? what exactly is a "blogging tool" (to you) ?
to me, something like blogspot.com is a "blogging tool".
Or did you mean "weblog publishing platform" such as Movable Type, WordPress etc ? 
Why not write one and offer it in HTML DB Studio?
It probalby is not that hard or time consuming... And you might learn lots in the process and get some recognition! ;) 
i created a blog with htmldb but it's for personal use.
it's very simple. it's like google blogger .
you can enter and see it.
if you want i will help you create one.( if i will have time) 
maybe if you are kind, you can put a few links into another page of the HTML DB application to download the source?
I like the smooth transition (toggle like) between English and Hebrew! :) 
Thanks for the replies!
In response to Robert, I was looking for a tool similar to blogspot, but
one designed to work in an application type environment (from our server) - one that our security guys won't go ballistic over. I am very new to blogs, never even used one, so I barely know how they work.
Zvika, my original thought was to create one in HTMLDB, but since I quickly realized I don't have a clue where to begin, I went searching for one already built. I was hoping someone had already developed one for HTMLDB :o) If you have the time to help me create one, even if it's just to give me a starting point, that would be great! I'm not in a rush; there's no requirement for us to have one at this point,
just wanted to get a head start. 
No problem,
i will just finish import my application from htmldb.oracle.com
to my linux db and i will send you an email. 
Sounds like this would be a nice addition to the HTML DB Studio.
i'm interesting of your "blog tool"
Can i have one copy?
Thanks in advance
i will post the blog on htmldb studio after i will solve my problem:
if someone can help me with it:
export and import problems
i also need to improve my application before i put the source :-) 
costanti and aufan89.
please send me yours email.
i will send you my blog (not finished but it will give you a start). 
Hello Zvika,
my mail is costantino#exenia.it
Thanks in advance
Can I have a copy, too ?
Pleasee send it to lvangaal#wxs.nl
Thanks in advance !!!!

Chagne Documents Tab Name 4.5

Anyone done this? If so, how?
I havent done this in a while.. but you need to update the .xml file that contains all the entries for text in the portal.. its in the portal application director \portal50\... where the native portlets are located (hope that helps?)..
I havent touched 4.5 in such a long time .. figure some guidance is better than none. Email me if you have more questions.
thanks, will take a look!

PDF support

I'd like to be able to insert a link in my OHJ files to a PDF file. Is this possible in OHJ? In JavaHelp, there seem to be a couple of ways to do it, but none of them seem easy to implement. 
One possible solution (I'll be trying this one soon myself):
Add a URLListener to the IceBrowser in your Java code and launch the PDF file externally in a local browser.
This article explains more:
Hey, Jason. Let us know how this goes since it may be something we can support generically. Sounds pretty cool!
- Ryan 
Thanks for the possible solution. I don't think this will meet the requirements for the project I'm currently working on, as we are not allowed to call a separate browser window in the help. We have to display it in the ICE browser. I will read this article, though, since maybe it will provide a solution for a future project, or suggest another possible solution. Meanwhile, PDF support is being discussed a lot on the Java list, and seems like a very basic function that any current help system should support without all this extra hoo-hah. Neither JavaHelp nor Oracle Help provide this support currently. Ah well...