Where I can get AppWizard for Microsoft VC++? - OO4O and Wizards(Archived)

Hi All.
Where I can download Oracle AppWizard for Microsoft VC++?
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Connecting .Net applcaition with Essbase

Hi Everyone,
I have an urgent requirement to connect an Essbase database using a .Net Application. I have tried my best to get the solution, i need Hyperion Application Builder.NET for it. Please help me downloading it and making a connection with my server. I found there was no link in the oracle site to download it.
Parthasarathy Chinnappan
Email: parthasarathy.chinnappan#tspl.com

Download Hyperion Application Builder.NET

Hi all,
Can anyone guide me where i can download Hyperion Application Builder.NET?
I can not fine it in oracle download website.
thanks in advance. 
Which version are you looking for, the product has been dropped now.
It did get a quick revival in the first release of 11 but was dropped straight after that.
Hi JohnGoodwin,
First at all thanks for your reply.
I am using Hyperion Essbase System 9.3.1. So maybe the version 11 of Hyperion Application Builder.NET should be fine.
I try to download it even in edelivery.oracle.com, but i don't see it.
There was not a release for 9.3.1.
What you can do is download the 9.2 version and then patch it so it works with 9.3.1
You can download the patch from "My Oracle Support" - "Service Fix for Oracle’s Hyperion Application Builder .NET"
Which resolves "6861591 - Application Builder .NET Release 9.2 to work with Oracle’s Hyperion Essbase – System 9 Release 9.3.1"
Hi again,
I try to check all your posts in blogspot, but i don't see any post where i can download Application Builder .net.
Could you guide me where i can download it?
Sorry for bother you, I'm a new in Hyperion Essbase technology.
Go to Oracle edelivery
And :- Hyperion Performance Management and BI (9.2.1) Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
Download :- Hyperion Application Builder for NET Release 9.2.0 Windows
Then apply the patch I specified
Finally, i got all i want.
Thanks for a big help :-)

Essbase Visual Explorer download

Hi All,
Can you please provide me the link to download/install essbase Visual Explorer?
Thanks in Advance. 
I am going to assume you mean 11.1.2, it is on oracle edelivery under "Oracle Enterprise Performance Management ( Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) " > "Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition Release for Microsoft Windows"
There is a smartviewhve.exe inside the zip.
Hi John, Thanks so much.
Just one more quick question, i read it somewhere that we need to have a license to use Visual Explorer. Is that right?
Thanks once again. 
Yes I believe it is separately licensed, you would need to contact Oracle for exact details around it.

Link to download Oracle Essbase client

I need to install Oracle Essbase Client on my system. I see the download links for, not for
Can you please help me find the download link for the old version
Thank you
Hi Bala,
I'm assuming you are accessing the software via e-delivery?
Thank you,
Todd Rebner 
I assume u can get it from oracle support its not avaiable in Edelivery by the way why dont u use exel addin dont make much diffrence and even it works but make sure u have like if ur using 32 bit essbase server make sure u have 32 bit essbase addin

How to install latest oracle application and database?

Hi all,
Hope doing well,
sir i am using sql database for my application now i want to use oracle database for my application that is visual studio 2008
.net application. but i don't know the steps of how to get set up file how to install etc.
plz help me. waiting for reply.
Thanks in advance.