About connect oracle8i database timeout - OO4O and Wizards(Archived)

i use oo4o to connect my oracle8i,but i often receive a timeout error,i don't know how can i setup timeout limitination of OO4O,i search some technology document by oracle co.but i can't address this issue,it trouble me.
thank for your the advanced


Disconnected session from ODT leaves inactive session in database

I am using ODT 11g beta accessing a remote Oracle XE through wireless connection. every time wireless connection dropped. I have to close connection and refresh it to regain access to oracle server. This is fine until today I got "ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching protocol stack". When I checked database session using XE's APEX there are about 20 inactive sessions for devenv.exe eventhough VS IDE already closed.
Any idea?
I'm no networking expert, but try googling about "KeepAlive" with Oracle. This is an age old networking problem that I am sure has a solution in SQL*Net now.

Problem On DB Sessions

I am a java developer .I used oracle 10g Express Edition for my application database. while running my running my application I can find in administration database sessions queries like "SELECT VALUE FROM NLS_INSTANCE_PARAMETERS WHERE PARAMETER = 'NLS_DATE_FORMAT.....'.
My express edition capable of having 10 sessions in database. But this query occupying more than 7 queries. So I cannot run my application. If there are more users for my application connection to the database is refused.
What is this problem ? How can I rectify this? Any help would be helpful for me.. 
What is this problem ? It's not clear to me exactly what problem you're referring to? Are you getting an error? (If so what error are you getting?). 
I am saying it is problem on DB session. I am apex tool to view database sessions on the database server.
I got error. But some times the databases refusing connection. This happens only when more than 10 users accessing database via my application.
I am using Oracle 10 g Express Edition. Is it any remedy to access the database more than 10 users? 
I got error.Yes, but I asked what the error was.
Without knowing exactly which error you are receiving it is impossible to help you really. 
Sorry for confusing You . any thanks for having a look at my problem. Here I mentioned error that is in detail.
I am gettting connection refused error as
org.springframework.jdbc.CannotGetJdbcConnectionEx ception: Could not get JDBC Connection; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=169869568)(ERR=1 2519)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12519)(EMFI=4))))
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Io exception: Connection refused(DESCRIPTION=(TMP=)(VSNNUM=169869568)(ERR=1 2519)(ERROR_STACK=(ERROR=(CODE=12519)(EMFI=4)))).
What is the difference between Data base express edition and enterprise edition. ?
Can enterprise edition can solve my problem. ? 
Well looking at the error you're getting "Error 12519", I see it is this -
[jes#powerbook jes]$ oerr ora 12519
12519, 00000, "TNS:no appropriate service handler found"
// *Cause: The listener could not find any available service handlers that
// are appropriate for the client connection.
// *Action: Run "lsnrctl services" to ensure that the instance(s) have
// registered with the listener, and are accepting connections.Are you sure you're using the correct connection details? Is the Oracle listener running?
What is the difference between Data base express edition and enterprise edition. ? Wayyyyyy too many to list here.
Take a look here -
For a very brief overview of some of the differences. 
Firstly, you are probably in the wrong forum. There is a specific forum for Oracle Express Edition.
This forum is for Application Express (which is part of Express Edition, and can be put on any other edition too). Given your JDBC error, it doesn't look like you are building an application in Apex.
Depending on how your application is managing users/sessions, you are either stateful (each end user has a database session) or stateless (multiple end users share a pool of common database sessions). Stateful sessions can either have a separate process (or thread in Windows) for each session, or use multi-threaded server connections.
So the question is how many concurrent end users are you anticipating, how many concurrent sessions and how many concurrent active sessions. Since Express Edition only uses 1 CPU, that will probably be the bottleneck for active sessions, rather than networks.


Dear all,
I have installed Dev 6i on Win'98, but when i want to connect with SQL Plus 8.1.6 to SQL Server 7.0 or other via ODBC, I have error message :
"PLUS80W Cause an invalid pages fault in module UB80W32.DLL at 0137:605e43c4
Register : etc..."
Any Sugestion will be approciate.
Thank you
Sorry, my english is poor. 
SQL*Plus does not use ODBC and can only connect to an Oracle database. You cannot use it to connect to a SQL Server database.
Actually, since he's using 8.1.6 he can use the generic connectivity to connect to any ODBC data source.
You're right... I often forget about generic connectivity.
Since generic connectivity has nothing to do with the Oracle ODBC driver, you'll probably want to take this up in the Dev 6i forum. Folks over there may have some trouble-shooting tips.
I have solve the problem.
i can logon to SQL 7.0 but i have message :
Warning: Product user profile information not loaded!
You may need to run PUPBLD.SQL as SYSTEM
Server not available or version too low for this feature
Connected to:
Oracle Open Client Adapter for ODBC
Microsoft SQL Server 07.00.0623
anyone know what is mine ?
Thank you a lot for your reply.
does anyone have succeded integrating Oracle and SQL server
if does ...please me give step by step explanation, because
i always fail ....
Note that there's a new Generic Connectivity/ Heterogenous
Services forum on OTN. The folks over there are probably the
best ones to help you.

Heterogeneous databases

At this moment, Im configuring a Heterogeneous database; I was looking the documentation for distributed databases and always their mention the installation of a Gateway.
Somebody know how can I do that; Currently Im working with Oracle 8i in NT . I tried using the universal installed but in the product list doesnt appear nothing about the Gateway for heterogeneous database.
I follow the process for set up the connection with a non- oracle database but in the listener.ora I need to give value to PROGRAM variable, in the examples always appear tg4mb80. And they called as executable agent. Somebody know how I can define this agent for the connection with a SQL-SERVER database?
Thanks. I hope that somebody can help me.

ORA-01013 error

Hi all,
I'm accessing an Oracle v9i database from MS Access XP via ODBC (driver v9. Some of my Access queries succeed (i.e. they retrieve the data sets I'm looking for), but most of them do not running after about 60 seconds into the error message "ODBC call failed". The error code is ORA-01013 with the description "request cancelled by user".
In the first moment this error message appeared to be a complete nonsense since I did not do anything. But after some thinking about what might have happened I found it obvious that the Access client run into a timeout and sent a request to the Oracle database that it should stop working. Consequently the database answered with the ORA-01013 error code basically saying "you told me to stop working".
Is this explanation correct? If yes: what can I do against these timeouts? Any idea might help.
You're right. Access will set a query timeout, basically telling Oracle to quit if the results aren't fetched after some time, i.e. a minute. I don't know enough about Access to know whether this timeout parameter is configurable in Access XP-- if it is, that's the easiest solution. Alternately, there's an option in the DSN configuration to enable/disable query timeout that you can check. This will prevent any application using that DSN from using the query timeout functionality.