Oracle ODBC Driver vs OO4O - OO4O and Wizards(Archived)

Oracle ODBC Driver, OO4O, Microsoft ODBC for Oracle
1. Which one is better for performance?
2. Which one is better for Programming?
Is there any data related with aboves? 

1. Identically, best by performance - OO4O.
2. For programming - no difference, but only OO4O may use some feature's of Oracle.
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difference between jdbc and odbc 
1) They are totally different API's
2) JDBC is used by Java applications. ODBC is used generally by fat client Windows applications, though there are non-Windows ODBC drivers.
3) ODBC was designed by Microsoft and tends to favor doing things the way SQL Server does naturally. JDBC is much more database agnostic in its design

Would you recommend using ODBC?

I am working on a C++ application running on Sun Solaris. I am considering using the following tool to inferface to an Oracle 8 DB.
o Pro C/C++
o SourcePro DB (we are already using SourcePro Core in our application)
In the future we could move to a new RDBMS and so using OCI is not necessarily the favorite. We also need a connection pool because the application is multi-threaded.
I have experience with OCI and Pro C/C++ but have no direct ODBC experience. I gave heard that ODBC tends to be slow. Would you recommend using ODBC?
Thanks in advance!
On the issue of speed, it depends on what you consider "fast" and "slow". Properly implemented, an OCI application is always going to be faster than an ODBC application, but it's more likely to be 5-10% faster than 50-60% faster. If those 5-10% are important to you, then ODBC isn't for you. If it's worth it to you to have a database-independent way of doing things and to have a higher-level API to work with, ODBC may be appropriate.
One caution I'd have for you in thinking about using ODBC is that Oracle doesn't produce an ODBC driver for Solaris client applications. ODBC was designed by Microsoft as a Windows-centric protocol and Microsoft provides components for Windows that the Oracle driver relies on. I have heard of companies that do produce Solaris drivers, but I don't have any experience with them.

Oracle ODBC or Microsoft ODBC - Which is better?

Hi - does anyone have any experience comparing the performance/ reliability/ functionality of the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle vs Oracle's own ODBC drivers.
Thanks David M 
- I believe the MS ODBC driver is an ODBC 2.x compliant driver, whereas the Oracle ODBC driver is an ODBC 3.51 compliant driver.
- The Oracle ODBC driver permits access to some Oracle-specific types that the MS driver does not (i.e. (C/B)LOBs, LONGs).
- Generally, we've found that our results on various catalog functions are more complete than the results from the MS driver.
- Not sure about reliability. Enough folks appear to be using our driver in reasonably mission-critical environments, that I tend to believe we're pretty reliable. Comparisons with the MS driver would be rather difficult.
- While we don't publish any benchmarks, I believe that the MS driver will tend to equal or exceed our performance. We're much better now than we have been in the past, and rarely is the gap significant, but this does bother us and we are working to address performance.
Justin Cave
ODBC Development 
Jo - we would assume that the Oracle driver is the best to use and scanning thru newsgroups seems to confirm this.
The reason we are looking at the MS driver is because of the various issues we have posted regarding the handling of UNICODE data by Oracle ODBC's driver.
1. Truncated data using SQLBIndParameter -
2. No conversion of SQL_WCHAR bound program data to single byte charset columns on both writing and reading data.

Oracle / VB / ADO / ODBC

I am using VB, ADO, and the ODBC layer to connect to ORacle and do batch processing. Currently my the best provider I have tried is MSDAORA.1, but I am hoping that there is a better provider/driver out there. Could someone please...
1) tell me how to get the provider for a given driver
and/or ...
2) possibly provide me with the driver/provider which is most efficient for connecting to Oracle 7.3.4, 8.0.5, 8.0.6, 8.1.5 and 8.1.6 in the manner I am attempting.
Any assistance that I can get would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Well, "better" is going to tend to be rather subjective and will probably depend on the specifics of your application. You can download the most recent Oracle ODBC driver by choosing "Software" from the left-hand menu and selecting the ODBC driver from the "Drivers & Utilities" pull-down. Microsoft also provides ODBC drivers for Oracle in their MDAC kits. In addition, third-parties like Merant are happy to sell you ODBC drivers for Oracle.
Since you're using ADO, you may also want to look into the Oracle OLE DB driver, though you'll need an 8.1.6 client to use it.
Justin Cave
ODBC Development 
If the app is going to have to run on all of these versions I would be very careful to test on all of them and avoid any functionality that behaves differently. Even then I have found that code that eventually worked well on 8.1.5 and 8.0.5 fails when the client upgraded the ODBC driver from the 08 version to 09.
If I was doing it again I would certainly restrict what functionality I offered. My particular problem involves pessimistic locking and seems to be insoluble with 8.05 and the 09 versions of the drivers. The 8.1.5 still works fine!
Is the problem you describe due to us breaking some functionality, or is it a case of the customer relying on some old buggy behavior? Can you describe your problem in more detail?

How to connect Oracle database from Windows XP using C++ visual studio 6?

How to write a C++ program to connect Oracle database from Microsoft Visual Studio 6? 
What API are you using? If you have a support contract, Metalink has a number of sample programs for just about every API.
I don't have contract. I tried to connect with Microsoft Access. Do you have sample to send me? My e-mail is, thank you in advance. 
May I assume that you want to use ODBC to connect to the database via C++ since you posted in the ODBC forum? If so, a couple of questions-
1) Why ODBC? If this is a new application, have you considered OCCI, OLE DB, OO4O, OCI, or Pro*C as the underlying layer (there are other options if you're not wed to C++)? ODBC has its place in the world, but if you're coming at this fresh, I'd like to make sure that you're using the right tool for the job.
2) Are you going to use the ODBC API directly or are you going to use a library written on top of ODBC (DAO, RDO, ADO, etc.)? The sample code will be significantly different depending on what you choose.
ODBC is a requirement for the project. If you have any example for open and query data from a Oracle database in C on Windows environments it ok too. I will figure it out what to do next.
Thank you in advance 
Are you going to be using the ODBC API directly, or will you be using one of the layers on top of ODBC (DAO, RDO, ADO, etc)?
If you haven't already downloaded the Microsoft ODBC SDK, that would probably be my first step. I believe the SDK is available at