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This is the question: with the new version of BBeans (see
can i work on Windows NT platform?
I'm work with Oracle9i JDeveloper Release Candidate 2, and I want to know if I can use it.....
Mario Reyes C.

JDeveloper RC 2 and BI Beans RC 2 can be run on the Windows platform. Keep in mind that you will need your 9i DB installed on Solaris in order to connect with BI Beans. The necessary OLAP patches for 9i on NT are not yet available.
BI Beans Product Management 

Do you know when the OLAP patches for NT / 2K are going to be released? It's not feasible for us to run our 9i DB on Solaris... 

Any news about this patch? 

Any news about this patch? 

The 9i OLAP patch for NT is not yet available. Oracle will make an announcement on OTN and this newsgroup when it is available. 

Any news about this patch? 

JDeveloper RC 2 and BI Beans RC 2 can be run on the Windows platform. Keep in mind that you will need your 9i DB installed on Solaris in order to connect with BI Beans. The necessary OLAP patches for 9i on NT are not yet available.
if I run 9i DB with olap option on AIX,can JDeveloper and BI Beans connect to db?

Any new about the patch ?

The Oracle9i OLAP patch for Windows should be available within the next week.
BI Beans PM team
Any new about the patch ?

The week is end.
Any new?

Now Oracle version is out, and is coming out.
Will the patch be usefull also for theese versions ?

In what O/S platforms that have patches ?? 

Look on Metalink.

Oracle9i OLAP is available on Windows NT and Solaris 32 bit.


Patchset for 9i OLAP on NT/W2K

When will the patchset for OLAP 9iDB on Win2000 be released? Alternatively, when is the Release 2 for the database to be release for Win2000? We really want to try out the BI BEANS funcionality, but without the patches, it seems we are dead in the water.
Scott Rappoport 
They say they are goint to message this forum when the patch is released.

i can't find OLAP options when installing 9.0.1 on AIX?

Hi,I have installed oracle 9i on AIX 4.3.3,but I didn't find OLAP product in products list,I want to know if olap can't be applicated on AIX?
waiting for your answer!
The Patch Sets for Oracle9i OLAP Release 1 are only available on 32-bit Solaris and Windows NT / 2000 platforms.
Many thanks for your enquiry.
I lose all hope,because there is a project which custom required installing oracle on AIX OS and implementing OLAP.
I die again!

BI Beans on Windows 2000

I have been asked to set up a BI Beans demo on Windows 2000, based on the info on Technet. When I tried this in January I was told that the OLAP patchset for 2000 had been withdrawn. When I searched Metalink today I could find no Oracle9i OLAP patches for Windows 2000. My question is: Can the Getting Started with Oracle9i Business Intelligence Beans that is on Technet be followed? If so, what are the Patches for the Oracle9i Server and Oracle9i OLAP that need to be installed? If this will not work now, why is it being advertised so heavily on Technet?
Thank you 
We are still waiting for the patchset for NT/2000. In the mean time, you can use the BI Beans against a Sun Solaris machine and the Getting Started material is accurate for a Sun environment. 
Any new about W2000 patch ?
Without the patch we cannot use bi beans.
Please could Oracle people inform us about the status of this patch on NT/2000 servers (sorry, we don't have a Sun system)?
Sorry, no official word on the availability of 9i OLAP for Win NT/2000. This is high priority issue that is being worked on actively.
When it is available, the information will be posted in this Discsussion Forum as well as in the BI Beans and OLAP product areas on OTN.
BI Beans Product Management

Questions about required versions / patchlevel (OLAP <-> BIB)

I'm currently trying to set up a working base (i.e. Oracle 9i with OLAP services) for testing BI Beans.
Target platform is Sun Solaris 64bit, the database (9i 9.0.1 EE, DWH-type installation) is already running.
In the beginning of the installation guide (.../install_bibeans.html here on OTN) there are some patches mentioned which need to be applied. Trying to locate these patches on Metalink, the following fundamental questions came to my mind:
1. Do the RDBMS Server patch and the OLAP patch have to have the same version number? I ask because the installation guide states to "download the latest 9.0.1.x PATCH SET", which would be at the moment. On the other hand, further down it mentiones the OLAP patchset version
Now do those two work together? Which combination is recommended/necessary for BI Beans? (Theoretically there are four possible combinations: RDBMS with OLAP patch, RDBMS with OLAP patch, etc...)
2. Are there actually any OLAP patches for 9i on Solaris 64bit? I didn't find any... Does that mean they do not exist (yet), or that they're not necessary (maybe because the changes made in the patch are already in the "main" RDBMS patchset for 64bit)? IF indeed there aren't any 64bit OLAP patches, will it be okay to download and use the 32bit OLAP patches instead?
Thanks in advance for any answers,
Hi Manuel -
For Solaris, you can use the Oracle9i or RDBMS patch set with the Oracle9i OLAP patch. For NT, 9i OLAP requires the patch set.
I will check with the server team to resolve your second issue regarding 32 bit vs 64 bit. 
The Patch Sets for Oracle9i OLAP Release 1 are found only on 32-bit Solaris
and Windows NT / 2000.

Now Available - 9i Designer 9024 & Designer 6i 4.6

Hi all,
You can now download the latest full maintenance
releases of 9i and 6i Designer from the Designer
Software pages here on OTN:
- 9i Designer
- Designer 6i Release 4.6
Note that these releases include the new Repository
Object Browser (ROB) tool!
As ever, any problems or queries, please post to this
forum. Enjoy!
Designer Product Mgt
Oracle Corp
P.S. Please ignore the other recent topic about the
availability of 9i and 6i Release 4.5. They
are no longer available and the discussions for that
topic relate to the FULL iDS download only.
Hope that makes sense! 
Can I use this version of Designer (9024) with database version
Hi Ivan,
Actually, 9i Designer is only certified against the latest 9i 9.2 db release, currently 9i
Designer is also certified against the latest 9.0.1 db release, currently
Hope this helps.
Hi Dominic,
I downloaded:
'Oracle9iDS Release 2 v9.0.2'
from here:
If I try to install it, I get the message:
'Oracle9iAS cannot be installed into an existing Oracle9i or higher Oracle Home.'
From the same web page I can download only patch to Designer.
So my question is:
How can I patch something that I can not install?
I am a bit confused.
Ivan Andonov
You must install iDS in a separate Oracle Home. You cannot install it in a Oracle 9.x database home 
As I understand, I should download this:
'Oracle9i Release 1 (9.0.1)',
install it (on another server), then install iDS, then download 'Designer 9024' and patch the Designer from iDS.
At the end I will have 2 Oracle Homes on 2 separate machines?
Ivan Andonov 
Hi Dominic,
On metalink I find in the compatibility matrix that Designer and Repository 6i release 4.6 ARE certified against 8.1.7 database. Whom must I believe, Metalink or you? (I am always tempted to believe the one with the good news :-))
Indeed you need 2 Oracle Homes, one for the 9i database, the other for 9iDS (and you can indeed install the Designer patch into this home).
The homes may be on the same machine, however. Just specify a new home name and directory when running the installer for the second product you are installing.
Sorry Peter,
Yes, both Designer 6i 4.6 and 9i Designer are
certified against the 8.1.7 database too!
Apologies for the confusion - I was replying to Ivan
with respect to the 9i database only.
Does Designer install on top of 9iDS release 2 (, or is it a part of 9iDS Release 2?
Hi Stuart,
Yes, you install 9i Designer and any forthcoming
later release in your 9iDS home (i.e. over the original
9i 9.0.2 Designer release). No, it's not part of the iDS
pack itself. The best approach is:
- install 9iDS
- install 9iDS
- install 9i Designer
However, I'm not aware of any problems with installing
the 9i iDS patch set after Designer,
as I think the components in each install are mutually
Simple question, but a long answer! My apologies!
Hope this helps.
Designer Product Management
Oracle Corp 
Hi Dominic,
Thank you for the detailed information. It is very helpful.