Font size getting reduced when running the report form - Reports

Hi All
The font size I used is 8 for my report.
It appears fine when I run just the report from the report builder or from reports run time.
But when I call it from my form (I'm suppressing the parameter form), I find that the font size is getting reduced to 4.
(I'm sending a parameter destype= SCREEN
and ADD_PARAMETER(LIST_ID, 'DESFORMAT', TEXT_PARAMETER, :DES_FORMAT). I'm passing a blank value for Des format to my report from my form.)
Can you any one let me know as to why this is happening and what I need to do to fix it.


Report6i Pagesize

after Converting our existing report from 4.5 to 6i and then runing it thu' web we are getting the output in HTML format on the screen but while printing it we are not able to adjust it on the page according to the size.We are not able to change the fontsize and also not able to print in condense mode

font problem in reports 6 character report

i have this character report. i have set the font of all objects in the report to Courier, point size 10. the report also has a number of bozes and lines i have drawn.
now the report displays perfectly from the previewer and also prints long as i run the the report from within Report Builder. When i try to run the .rep from Forms using run_product, the font goes haywire. it displays everything in some Lucida font and my boxes and lines disappear.
anyone has any idea ?????
thanx in advance....

problem in report formating in web urgent

Hello all,
I wish some one can seolve my problem
i am working with reports 6i
when i am viewing my report from web
the oupput of which ia an HTML page
When I print it all my page breaks in my report
gets disterbed and it prints conteniously
taking the default printer configrations of my local printer.
Is there a way so that i can have the same
formated output in web report as i get when i run in client server mode.
try to use more advances output formats like htmlcss or pdf to get better output result. HTML is a little limited.simply play around with the desformat parameter. you might want to check out the pagestream=yes parameter for your report too. 
Where can I find PageStream parameter its not in System parameter

Report margins change when I print

I have a WHEN_BUTTON_PRESSED trigger that calls two reports (based on a parameter passed from Forms to Reports), one right after the other, and prints directly to the default printer. Both reports print fine the first time they are called. But if you try to perform the task again without closing the application and reopening it, the margins change, thereby cutting a portion of the report off. Please help!
(Note: one report is portrait oriented; the other is landscape). 
I am not sure if this may work , have you set the defaults of orientation in the reports itself ?? if not set the orientation property in the parameter form or system parameters in data model to the specific orientation you need and then check .

Printing Oracle reports

I have a report which is about 200-300 page.
It does not show up on the web. It gives me
configuration error. I think it is using
up all the cache.
Do you have any suggestion or work around.
Is sending the report to the printer instead of screen an option
If you have &<TotalPhysicalPages> in the foot of your report then report makes all pages before display. Your computr may have too less memory to catch 300 pages.
It is possible to refer report straight to the printer, you have adjust system parameter 'destype' to 'screen' value, but it can block up memory of your printer.