Privileges api - Oracle Application Server Portal

i was wondering if someone could tell wich api is used to get the user's privileges and does this api works?
an example would be appreciated :)


project only read

I'm like know if I create a project with OWB, how can I do this project is only read to group of users?
Actually in the OWB User guide, there is a whole chapter regarding the security set up. Do look into that it provides various ways of doing this.
OK, but I don't read how can give permisions to users to read one project create for other user.
Look into this proc from OWB ---
This may give you some idea.
What do this proc? 
Sorry, It's OK. I will execute this proc. and tell you.
Don't exist another procediment to acces a project only read?

Querytime Filter

Anyone know where to find the sample QueryTime Filter code mentioned in the SES Admin Guide? The Admin Guide says the sample code is at but it isn't there today. 
Did you manage to find the sample Query time filter code mentioned in the Admin guide ? I am also looking for the same. Any help will be appreciated.
Did you manage to find any sample code for filter, I am too looking for the same.
Has anyone found this sample code? We need the same. Or perhaps some additional guidance on writing it. 
I'm actually just in the process of writing a sample - it's not finished at the moment but I can send you the work-in-progress. Email me at at
- Roger


Hi All,
Does anyone had some documentation on INV_ITEM_GRP.Create_item (item creation API)?
Thanks in advance
Hi Reddi,
I am also trying to using the above api, but it does complain, not enough parameters.
Also, I am not able to find any documentations on this API.
Let me know if you are able to use this api.

<b>wwsec_app_user_mgr</b> privileges

In our portal we are using java api's and customized UI's for changing password and editing profile for portal users.
The wwsec_app_user_mgr package by default got a PUBLIC execute privilege.So is it a good practice to give a PUBLIC execute for this package.
Could we give a higher privilege for this package? So that normal users would not see this link at all.
Any suggestions are highly appreciable.
Thanks in advance. 
I was doing some R&D into this.
I guess by giving a higher privilege for the Account Info link under Shared Objects page could resolve this issue.
If anyone has any suggestions to this, kindly let me know.

Accessing a Procedure through an URL - Urgent

I am trying to access a procedure through an URL.
I was trying to use the following address
which fails.
Please help me
Thanks in advance
Please the user has execute permission for the procedure u want to execute. 
You need to grant execute permission to PUBLIC to make it work through a URL.
If your server is linked to the internet, public is not the best grant to use.
Create a portal_user role or similar that you can grant to Oracle users that you want to be able to use the procedure.
At least then you have some control over who gets to run the procedure and they can be forced to log on!
Regards Michael 
Thanks for all your help. I am done with it.
Making my life easier.