User privileges - Oracle Application Server Portal

i was wondering if someone could help in the matter of determing the user's privileges when one logs in. i know there is a an api specific to do so but i don't know wich is it and how i work with it. if someone could give me an example, i would appreciate it.


User Management Module

Just want to know if anyone has used the user management module or done any customization with this module.
Let me know.
I know this is an old post, but fi you're still interested in user management and need any help or want to share ideas, please let em know.
I logged in to Oracle User management module for the first time and try to search the users in the page users > User Management. I could not bring up ANY one of the Application end users. I found this problem reported in metalink and a workaround has been posted. The workaround is to query the user from the sysadmin responsibility>security>user form, make any change, save the record and re-query from the user maintenance page of User Management responsibility. Well.. it did not work. Anyone has any idea what is going on or what I can try possibly to being up the users, so that I can assign roles to them?
Any help will be greatly appreciated! 
This is related to specific product implementation and not about oaf. Please post it in appropriate forum or let us know more about the oaf requirement in it.
sync up your wf tables, that should bring in the users in UM screen.
there is a conc program to do this, but confirm with your DBA prior to doing this.
you will get better responses if you post your query to appropriate forum.

Explanation of "nobody" user?

I just noticed there is a "nobody" user that seems to have accesses certain components of my system. Can somebody explain who/what this user is? Is this a PUBLIC user that was not authenticated? Is this a possible security issue? Please advise. Thanks 
If someone tries to login (even if it's you) the logging stores the result .
But no user-identification is available at this time. Therefore: nobody (null).

Application Authentication

We have to athenticate an one particualr Application with only particular users, the users are created using Mange Application users..
Even Admin level users too should not able to login the Application
please Help me out
many thanks 
Someone who knows an account name (username) and password can log in. Someone who does not know that information cannot login. That's all there is to it.
thanks for the Reply,
How to Authenticate the particuar Users?
Many thanks 
Hi Scott...
I have created an Application XYZ
& I wanted abc user only able to Login the Application
How can we do this using Authentication Schemas or any other Possible way
please provide Helping Link or an Example
Many thanks 
hi All
Any Help in this Requirement PLEASE...
Many thanks 
Your requirements are not clear to me, especially in how they might differ from ordinary requirements. Please explain them in detail, describe what you've done so far, and explain what is not working they way you require.

creating users more in number.

As per the requirement of my application, we are having number of users registreting with us which will be allication server users. can anybody give me a solution for bulk creation of the users rather than creating each and evry user using portal.
somebody told me about bulk upload but i ma not really know many things about it. how it works and whether can it help me to solve my problem.
i have a function which generates user name and password and i just want to update tables related along with other previlages.
is it possble? and how
thanx in advance and expecting the reply
Pls check the Security APIs. There are APIs for creating users
Check this reply
List records only in current quarter??

Help with owa_cookie

There are 6 of us in a database class and we are trying to figure out how to incorporate cookies into our package.body to allow users to login and grant them certain privileges like modify, insert, etc based on there login account type. Any help pointing us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.