Portal pages deployment - Oracle Application Server Portal

can anyone tell me the way to deploy, from a development enviroment to a real one, pages that were created?
if it is possible, deploy them with all components included.
thanks in advanced
Vitor Cardoso


OA Framework in Standalone mode

I have developed a nice application as a complement to our eBS. Now it turned out to be very attractive for other customers that don't have eBS. So we are planning a Standalone version.
We talked about rewriting the application in ADF with an Oracle database and IAs.
But I suggested that its maybe possible to deploy the OA Framework application directly
and build a own menu handling and login.
Anyone that have done something like this or has any ideas how to do.
Regards Martin Astrom 
Since you have the application made, you can reuse the BC4J components and deploy the application on a standalone OC4J server, so that the application can be used as is. 
I thought so, its fine to hear that it is possible. Do you have some more information ? Which jar files should I put on the OC4J server, I supose that the OA Framework needs to be loaded in the OC4J server together with my application .
Regards Martin Astrom 
Hi martin. could u show me a sample screenshot on how u customized EBS.. and could u give me some info on how to start.. tnx..
Hi, why don't you mail me, so can I send you some more information.
Regards Martin

JHeadstart & Portlets...  Any successes?

Has anyone had any luck using JHS to generate Oracle Portlets? I can get a basic struts (not using JHS to work), but when I try to use JHS the app server is throwing errors. Seems like there might be something with the Jhs specific classes.
When I try to use JHS, I am making several modifications so that it uses pdk-struts-html.tld, removing html, body, and other tags.
Please let me know.
Hello Steve,
Maybe I can help you if you include the error messages in the log file of the application server or OC4J.
Hi Helmut,
Thanks for the reply. Have you ever used JHS & Portal? I am struggling with even building Java Portlets when you have to make so many PDK specific changes to your Java app. And once you do those, you can no longer run your app in JDev for testing, etc. You have to always deploy to the web server and test from there.
I can see writing Java Portlets when the app is small, but not for larger database driven applications. I am thinking the better way is to just have a link in portal that directs the user to the full-screen JHS application and on the JHS app have a link back to portal. SSO should handle the security seamlessly.

Migrating Servlet to Portlet Web Application

The client planning to build a Spring based Potlet application in Weblogic Portal 10.2.
Due to knowledge/skill set availability; they are proposing a plan of developing pure Servlet based web application with Spring.
And future they want to migrate in to Portlets.
They asked me to come up with plan for this.
I feel it is going to be more as rework kind of (except service and DAO layer), since both are diff API and diff coding methodology.
Please advice me.
Hi Lakshmi,
What your client wants is a Web Application but to run it in a Portal container instead of Weblogic Server container.
What you can do is follow standard J2ee Design patterns of MVC and keep your presentation layer totally decoupled. In this case it will be JSPs for you.
When you guys have to move to portlet simply port these JSPs to Portlets. You dont have to necessarily use Page Flows or simlar portal technologies.
In that case your servlets/Spring classes will have no impact including configuration files.
Thanks for the response.
I understood completely first 2 points of yours.
As you mentioned i will be developing Spring/Servlet based pure application; using JSPs for presentation layer.
Up to this is fine.
Now; i didnt understand porting JSPs to Portlets. Can you throw little more light on this.
The View of the.jsp file is coupled with Spring URL mapping. And the navigation from one .jsp to another also depends on the spring controllers only.
then how come i change .jsp to portlets?. (Especially they need JSR 168 compliant portlets).
Spring based JSR 168 portlets has diffent handler mapping syntax compare to servlets.
I used to create with java portlets (JSR 168) and intergrate with weblogic portlets/portals.
The java Portlets inturn has the .jsp rendering and navaigations (using spring).
I don't know how to port JSPs to Portlets.
Edited by: Lakshmi Narayanan on Sep 30, 2008 9:39 AM 
I don't know if i understand what you don't understand, but you have t create a portlet based on an existing jsp?? if i'm ok you should use WorkSpace studio, create your project add application with your jsp files and then search the wizard of a new portlet, choose jsp portlet, locate your jsp and it is all done It's all in weblogic portal documentation 
Thanks for the update.
I think JSP/Portlet option is not JSR 168 potlet.
Update me if i am not making any sense.
No it's not. But i think it is a very good solution unless you want to add some other functionatllity besides showing a jsp 
I totally agree of creating JSP protlets and it is good solution.
But they ask me to let them know the impact to effort and schedule if we pursue a pure web application deployment in scheduled date using a design that will support a minimum of effort to migrate into JSR168 and the portal infrastructure later.
I need to tell them whether it is feasible with minimum effort or rework except service and DAO layers.
Advice me.
Your initial Q was not for a JSR 168 complaint portlet.

Stream based portal

Our developers uses workspace studio to develop portal application and the default portal is file based portal. when we migrate this to sun solaris environment, we want to keep stream based portal. I read stream based portal can be created through weblogic portal admin console only.
In that case, how do I make all other developed components (portlets, skins etc) to be placed on the stream portal? what is the best practice to migrate the portal application from developer workspace studio to solaris deployment servers?
Hi Somerset,
the short answer is that the developed components are packaged in the EAR that you create in Workspace Studio. Once you deploy the EAR file to the target server you can create streaming portals out of the components inside the EAR. You can use all the normal tools to deploy the EAR file to the server, see the [deployment guide|http://edocs.bea.com/wls/docs103/deployment.html]
You should also be aware of propagation, which is the way to migrate streaming portals from one environment to another. There is an excellent guide for production operations available here
Hope this helps. Planning a deployment and propagation strategy can be quite a bit of work but you should really pay attention to it. The above documentation should be enough to get you started.
Best regards,
Hi Petri,
can you please explain "Once you deploy the EAR file to the target server you can create streaming portals out of the components inside the EAR". ? it is my understanding that stream portal can be created only through portal administration console.
Hi Somerset,
that's right, you need to use the portal administration tool to create the desktop(s) you need once you've deployed the ear. As of 10.x you can also use the [REST api|http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E13155_01/wlp/docs103/apidocREST/index.html] to create the desktop e.g. through a script. It would be nice to see the REST api exposed in WLST ... =)
you can also use the XIP utility as an alternative to the admin console.
The XIP utility provides more options when merging changes

Using portlets in one enterpriseapplication as sharedlibraries in other EAR

Hi All,
i have one enterprise application consists of web project containing portlets .Now i want to reuse those portlets in another different enterprise application. I went through the concept of shared libraries but didnt work for me(may be i did wrong). Can anyone help me in regarding this step by step.Please reply me soon as this urgent one.