error while transforming - Designer

dear sir
please help me
when I want to transfor my entities after some time I get this message this happen some times
"Assertion failed in file apitxn.cpp at line 195 "
pleade help me
thank you in advanced
i use these
win NT 4
oracle 8.0.4

I think during instalation or may be some other resons this file got currupt.


RPE-01003: An infrastructure condition prevented the request from completng

While running our Process Flow and using Fork operator to load more than 1 child table we are facing below mentioned error:
RPE-01003: An infrastructure condition prevented the request from completing
ORA-29516: Message 29516 not found; No message file for product=RDBMS, facility=ORA; arguments: [Assertion failure at joncomp.c:125jtc_active_clint_init_ncomp_slots(java/lang/System, -36) returned 0]
Does any one can help us, with this issue.
Are there any invalid java objects in the databse?
Log in to the database as sys and run this query:
select * from all_objects where object_type like '%JAVA%' and status='INVALID'
Hi Robert,
We tried to find out those JAVA object type whose status is INVALID. But in our database no JAVA object is INVALID.
Please help us further with this.
Regards & Thanks,
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I would contact Oracle support.
Meanwhile you can try this but I doubt it will help:
sqlplus / as sysdba
alter system flush shared_pool;
alter java class "java/lang/System" check;
alter system flush shared_pool;
just restart the Runtime server 
Hi Guys,
Thanks for your valuable inputs, but actually what does runtime server means here.
Can you please elaborate abour runtime Server.
I am getting exactly the same error, would please let me know what you did to fix the problem?
My database version is and i don't have any INVALID java objects in the database. The error occurs randomly.
OWB execution error : ORA-20213: Unable to create standalone job record
RPE-01008 and RPE-01009 when executing flatfile mappings
for ora-29516 check out
If this problem occurs only with Oracle Database 10g Release - 64bit, I find it rather pointless to go after it. I would be cautious to use or support a tool which throws assertion errors in my face. I am really sorry to say this, but for the moment I see no other alternatives for you than either to downgrade to Oracle 10gR1 or (if you absolutely need Oracle 10gR2) to migrate to a 32-bit environement.
If you have 64x-bit Solaris systems, you can eventually try JChem Cartridge with Oracle 10gR2 64-bit for Solaris -- as far as I know nobody has tested this combination yet. You may have luck with Solaris, but my gut feeling is that the Aurora assertion failure will occur on that platform too.
also , It appears that the problem can be avoided by installing Oracle Database 10g Products from the Oracle Database Companion CD.

ctxhx.exe encountered a problem and needed to close

Hi all,
every time i log on my server i get the message: "ctxhx.exe encountered a problem and needed to close."
This message appears eiht times one after another (8x).
the error signature is
* szAppName: ctxhx.exe
* szAppVer: 0.0.0.
* szModName: pdfsr.dll
* szModVer:
* offset: 000070e8
when i click to the technical information about the error report, i get two files:
Our environment:
* Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2,
Standard 64x Edition
Service Pack 2
* Oracle Database Release
i've already tried, but without succes:
Re: ctxhx.exe error -> part with "ifsca hangs during "Verifying Oracle Text" phase."
any help is appreciated
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The file name is CTXHX so I am a little concerned that you posted this in quotes:
"cxthx.exe encountered a problem and needed to close." Is this a misspelling by Oracle or did you type this by hand?
In any case please use google ... there are other threads ... and if that does not help open an SR. 
sorry it's a typing error.
"ctxhx.exe encountered a problem and needed to close." is the message

Strange Error: PLS-00123:program too large

I was wondering whether, when using Oracle Application Database configuration tool, anyone has seen the following:
error occured during batching: ORA- 06550: live 11024, column 1: PLS-00123:program too large.
This occured when trying to create a new OLT schema on a remote database (Oracle 10g 64 bit, running on Solaris 9).
I've never seen this particular error before......
Any ideas would be welcome
Never seen that :-(
Have you workarounded it? Opened a SR?
Hi JB,
I've created an SR....let see what happens :)

Error in 9i

recently upgraded to 9i and migrated our spatial data too, for a week everything seem to be running fine but suddenly start getting this error:
ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
ORA-06521: PL/SQL: Error mapping function
ORA-06512: at "MDSYS.SDO_INDEX_METHOD_9I", line 232
ORA-06512: at line 4
any help or idea will greatly be appreciated. 
What operation are you trying to do when you got this
error message ?
From the looks of it, there might be an incompatible
executable in your install.
I am trying to run a spatial query using sdo.relate function it needs spatial indexes on the table its running on and indexes are there. confusing part is that it was running fine for couple of days and suddenly started giving this error.
The error seems to be the result of a 9i PL/SQL pacakge
trying to access a 8i oracle executable.
When you connect to the database via sqlplus, what
banner message do you get ?
Also, check to make sure the migration to 9i is
complete and that someone has not rolled it back to 8i.

oracle is not available

I m using oracle 8 release ( on windows 98 platform. When I start my oracle then an error ORA-1157 is coming that says cannot open database. With that error no. ORA-01034(Oracle is not available) and error no.ORA-09243(error attaching to SGA) and error no. OSD-04101(invalid SGA: SGA not initialized) is coming. I went through the whole listing of the error in Oracle Error Message utility. But I could't find a solution for this. I m very stuck at this situation. Please help me. Please give me solution as early as possible
With Thanks,
Ashish Sheth.