progress bar - Sample Code(Archived)

hi sir
do you have any sample code for progrees bar
i have a form that compute salary for a lot of people
and i want to show the progree of computting to the user
thank u in advanced


To Show Details On reports when click on Detail Label on Report

i'm showing leaves assign yearwise on report but now i wan to show leave consumed detalis monthwise as
i click on " show details " Label.
i'm wrkng on oracle 10g report developer, iis it possible to do this with report..?
can u pls help me for this..? 
I think your year wise report is a matrix one.
Now when you click on a particular year, you would like to pass that year and need to show the report month wise.
Is it that your requirement? 
NO, it is year wise as year selected on input form,
it is group report, grouping on leave type, it show total leave taken , encash , yearly..
suppose i wan to see detail for dat leave type means how many leave taken, on which day (stored in 1 table )..etc.
den i wan to click on label so it will show dat detailed repeating..
is it possible to do this..? 
I dont think it is possible to expand a repeating frame as and when it required...
you can go for a drill down report instead.. 
k, thanks for ur reply..
i had made changes on report input form ..for show detalis.. its wrkng nw..

Clarification on Master - Detail events usage on OBIEE 11g dashoards

Hi ,
Can Master - Detail events feature be used within two different analysis on dashboard ?
If yes , please let me know how .
If no , are there any alternatives for the below requirement :
1. I have a pivot table consisting of one dimension hierarchy (region) against revenue measure .
2. And one Bar graph , showing data on quater & region basis revenue .
Now by clicking one of the dimesion members (INDIA,USA) of region hierarchy , the bar graph will get changed accordingly .
For example , if by default it is total region and "new york" under USA region is clicked then the bar chart will change accordingly .
This is based based on value and linking, should work for any info check this link
Other alternative is action links.
Pls mark if helps 
Thanks for the link veeravalli !!
I don't want the user to navigate to any content , so can't use action links .
However , Can u please let me know whether this master detail event will work on different analysis (not from the same report views , i.e a between a pivot table view from report A and a bar chart report view from report B ) ?
Hi Sayak,
Yes it will work. It need not be the same analysis.A master view can be in the same analysis as the detail view or in a different analysis.
Hi Dpka ,
Please let me know how it can be impleamented !!!
Thanks in advance 
Check this link for steps
You can go with different subject areas since this works based on linking and value.
Pls mark if helps 
example in the given link is again referring to single analysis, can this be done with two analysis.
if yes, could you please help.

How to keep a condition on a column based on other columns

Hello All, I have a report built using direct database request. In that I have columns like section, time, total students,passed, failed. Now lets say for time period year=2009, sections S1,S2,S3 have 100 students. For each section I have to create a new   display column which displays like this     when there are 11 students out of it 10 failed  and 90 passed it should display as above. Please help me how to achieve this. Highly appreciate your help. ThanksSR
Have you tried using a horizontal bar graph with conditional formatting based on the Pass and Fail status. I think you can try that..
Thanks Vj, Is it possible to use graph inside a column?I have to display the report with time , section, total students, passed ,failed and display column which as to be a red and green notation..Is it possible to build a report as below?TimesectionTotal studentsPassedFailedDisplay column2009SA_A1009010   
Look at this post..You might need some additional Java Scripting done to make sure it works.. Sparkline Chart in OBIEE mark if it helpsVijay
Hi SR, You can achive this solution through Trails View in Obiee 11g. Thanks & RegardsRahul
Thanks Rahul..This view is amazing but it is actually called Trellis View I believe. Below is a blog that explains how to work with it OBIEE TRAINING: OBIEE 11G Creating a Simple Trellis View Thanks Vijaymark if helps.

classic report regions not executing queries after clicking in a chart link

I have a chart region with a link to page passing values to select list items, but report regions are not loading. This is the link generated at chart series:f?p=106:32:1310398926027:::RP:P32_DATE_SELECT,P32_SERVICE,P32_RESOURCE,P32_ROLE_ID:09%2F02%2F2013,1,EDER%20ZAVALA,1 All page items passed are filled correctly, but report regions don't show any data. Please notice I am using two LOV where second one is showing values according the first one selected and doing the submit event where report regions are showing the result of the queries executed. Report regions shows data when I do the select of page items manually, but not when I pass those values thru link url I am using Oracle APEX Please advise Thanks,Cesar
please reproduce this on and share your credentials  
hi Vishal, Due to our client policies; I can not upload data. are you able to join to a webex meeting? so I can share you my screen and see the current problem I am having Here for your comments Thanks,Cesar
hi Vishal, Is it possible?
sincere apologies, cant do webex. webex will be a paid service please create an example in
hi Vishal, do you know if this support is covered by our actual Oracle contract support we have for GE Asset Management? Regards,Cesar

Interactive Dashboard in APEX

hi, i need to create Interactive Dashboard in Apex, using to integrate anychart with oracle apex.
You can create charts within apex Gus
i know, how to create charts,i need interactive charts.For Example, In a Pie chart , when i select 1st Quarter,the respective sales of the Quarter should be display on another bar chart.When i select 2nd quarter, the respective sales of the 2nd quarter should be display on the same bar chart. Interactive Dashboard in APEX 
Hi X7C7, You said:
For Example, In a Pie chart , when i select 1st Quarter,
the respective sales of the Quarter should be display on another bar chart.
You will need a Hidden Item to capture the Quarter selected from your Pie chart.The Pie chart will need to link to the same page passing the selected Quarter to the new Hidden item.Bar chart will need to be qualified by the Hidden item. Here is an example that demos this functionality with the Chart types in reverse. Jeff
hi Jeff, could you please tell me how to capture a Chart value into Hidden Item without Submitting the Page.
X7C7 wrote:
hi Jeff,
could you please tell me how to capture a Chart value into Hidden Item without Submitting the Page.
It sounds as though I misunderstood your requirement from the start, my apologies.  If I could explain how to do so I would most likely be working somewhere else or writing books on advanced uses of APEX.  I found that some of the APEX experts have written about this topic and I can only point you in that direction.  Many of the authors are active within this forum and may be able to help you out.  Others forum members may have something to offer also. I recommend that you start a new thread. Jeff See:Expert Oracle Application Express By John Scott, Doug Gault, Raj Mattamal, Anton Nielsen, Martin Giffy D'Souza, Dimitri Gielis, Roel Hartman, Francis Mignault, Dietmar Aust, Michael Hichwa, Denes Kubicek, Dan McGhan, Sharon Kennedy