Oracle9iDS for Linux ? - Designer

Are You planning Oracle9iDS for Linux with all products
(Forms, Jdeveloper, Designer ) ?


Designer 9.0.2 on Linux ?

I ahve installed Internet Developer Suite completely on Linux.
How can I start Designer and Forms ?

Reports 6i Software Download

I am trying to find the Reports/Forms 6i software download location.
Are both bundled in one download or are they seperate?
Can you point me to the location where I can download both?
Thank you 
Forms / Reports 6i is available on OTN for Linux / Solaris / Windows
Oracle6i Forms Services and Oracle Forms Developer Downloads
Oracle Forms Developer/Services 6i Release 2 for Linux
Oracle Forms Developer/Services 6i Release 2 for Sun SPARC Solaris
Oracle Forms Developer/Services 6i Release 2 for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
This distribution contains Forms AND Reports
Oracle Forms Developer/Services 6i Release 2 for Linux
I've downloaded this software for ubuntu but I couldn't install.
Does anyone know how to install this package?

Install Forms 6i

Hi! I installed Portal (minimal installation) in a Windows 2000 Server, but I need to migrate some older Forms (Developer 2000) and show them in Portal. How should I install Forms 6i? Should I install Enterprise Edition (I have made some applications, and definitely reinstalling Portal is not an option) Or should I install forms 6i in other Oracle home, and apply the patch? It can be done? or I have no choice?
Thanks anyway!

9ias Release 2 + Reports 6i

I have a question regarding the 9ias Report Services included in 9ias release 2 and Oracle Reports 6i. Is the Report Services ins 9ias release 2 built off of Oracle Reports 6i? I have setup a farm of five servers running 9ias release 2 using the Business Intelligence and Forms install. Now I have been instructed to install Oracle Reports 6i on those servers as well. I am confused as to why I am being asked to do this but those are my instructions. Are there problems with installing 9ias release 2 and Oracle Reports 6i on the same server and will Oracle support this installation type if there are problems? Any help or incite will be appreciated. 
fist of all i would check why you should install 6i on those machines. technically there is no need to do so unless your reports are using graphics graphs (in which case you only need to install 6i graphics in a separate oracle home).
if for any reason, you still need to install reports 6i, please check with oracle support for certification of ias R1 and ias R2 on the same machine.
Developer/Reports 6i Server is now integrated with AS (in a marketing sense). The actual Report server is still v6.0.8 (I think it is v6.0.8 patch 3 that gets installed with R1 or v1.0.2). Oracle may need to correct me on this. :)
Well, Oracle 9iAS V1.0.2x has the Reports version 6i and Oracle 9iAS V2 has Reports version 9i.
From the statement, When forms services are used with forms9i of Oracle 9iAS V2 , there exists no reason why reports 9i services are not used and a need for reports 6i.
The Oracle Reports Team

Oracle Report in Oracle 9iAS

I would like to generate a report by using oracle Report and have Oracle 9i AS installed in my computer. Do I have to install Oracle Reports Developer/Server 6i Release 2 for Windows NT' from ?
it depends which version of 9i AS you have installed. if it is 9iAS enterprise edition you have the server components already installed.
for creating a report you need the builder component wich has to be installed separatly.
the oracle reports team