Designer 9i, 9iDS,Linux ? - Designer

Is Designer 9i included in 9iDS for Linux ?


Designer 9i ?

Is there a Designer 9i?
If so, to move to it from Designer 6i would it be an upgrade or a migration?
Thank you

Repository conversion (from 6.0 to 6i)

Does somebody know if it is possible to install the designer 6.0 under Oracle 8.1.7 and after importing a .dmp file (containing a designer application v. 6.0)
intalling a designer 6i (under Oracle 8.1.7) in order to convert my v. 6.0 application to a designer 6i ?
I would appreciate any tip
Thanks in advance.
Of course, it is possible. You need to install Designer 6i in target DB server. After that you start migration from 6.0. It is better to install Designer 6i Release 4 or higher version, because 6i R2 is not compatible with Oracle 8.1.7

Designer 6i with Repository (SCM) 9i

Hi everybody
I would have to access a 9i SCM (Repository) from a Designer 6i client installation.
It seems to be possible to read, alter and add new stuff. The data models look ok.
Am I in danger here to screw up my repository or is it ok to access a 9i repository from a 6i client ?
Is there a definite statement from Oracle regarding this setup ?
Stefan Jahnke
Hi Stefan,
Yes, if you are using Designer 6i Release 4.2 or 4.3, you should be able to connect to a 9i repository
from the 6i client OK. This is because:
- Designer 6i Release 4.2 ( is effectively the same repository as 9i Designer 9.0.2
- Designer 6i Release 4.3 ( is effectively the same repository as 9i Designer
This means if you wish to switch from:
- 6i 4.2 to, this requires a client change only, no repository upgrade
- 6i 4.2 to, this requires a client change and repository upgrade
- 6i 4.3 to, this requires a client change only, no repository upgrade
Please note that you cannot move from Designer 6i 4.3 back down to 9i Designer, as
is a lower version of the repository than Designer 6i 4.3/
However, do not use any release eariler than 6i 4.2 (i.e. up to 6i Release 4.1.1) as this may not work
properly. Secondly, please be aware that using both the 6i and 9i products together might not be fully
supported or certified, so I advise you check with Support first ( com).
I'll try to get answer on this and let you know.
Dominic Battiston
Designer Product Management
Oracle Corp
Hi Dominic,
Is it possible to migrate Repository from Oracle Designer 9i to Oracle Designer 6i? Right now we are using the Designer 9i (Version Configuration 4.012). Our Client is using Designer 6i. We have to move the entire work from here to the Client's place. Can you please suggest the possibilities/ways of doing this.
thanks in advance
Hi Dominic,
How does Designer 6i, rel 4.4 relate to Designer 9i, rel (The patch releases became available on the same date).
Thomas Kirchhoff

Oracle 8i rel2 / Designer 6.x

Hey Guys,
I am Installing designer6.x on Oracle 8i rel2, it ask to install designer of Oracle 8i default home, How to install Designer on different Home. 
Are you using Designer 6 or Designer 6i. If you are using Designer 6 then it has to be installed in the DEFAULT_HOME only.
Please let me know whether you are using 6 or 6i.

Designer 6i and 9i on the same box

Can I run Designer 6i and 9i on the same box?
In different Oracle Home of cources
thank you in advance
Yes you can install 6i and 9i together without problems.
Patch versions of 6i and 9i repositories are even compatible, although updates on the repository are certified only from one of both. Browsing should be possible from both 6i and 9i against the same repository. though.
Compatible versions are:
6i 9i