How to convert forms or report 6i to portal3.0.7? - Oracle Application Server Portal

Hi ,i wanna know whether it is possible to convert/generate a
browser based parameter form/report 6 i in Portal 3.0.7 ?Plz
let me know ..


Reports 6i

Can i display directly parameter form on the web so that i can run the report with criteria. i dont want to use forms in between.
Please help me.

How to run a REPORT from FORMS

i have used ORACLE 9i and DEVELOPER 6i to develope database, Forms and Reports.
I have created forms and reports.
but i dont know how to call report from forms whenever i want to f=generate a report.
Please help me to find out the problem as i dont have knowldge about Calling Reports from Forms.
Suggest me what code i shoud use to call a report.
Thanks in advance 
I believe you can use the RUN_PRODUCT trigger. 
For that you have created the Report from report node form module. 
use syntax
where PL is parameter can see syntax and its meaning in form builder's help

Page Numbering For multiple Reports

First of all,
thanks for your help with SRW.SET_PRINTER_TRAY('tray');
Unfortunately I am using Reports 2.5 and do not have this
in my SRW package. If I can upgrade the package please let me
know where to find an update.
If i call and Print three reports from within one report,
is there any way to keep the page numbering consistent so it
doesn't reset on each report that prints.
also, can I upgrade Reports 2.5 to Reports 6i on Oracle 7
Thanks in advance

how to get page break in PSP reports

Dear All,
is there a way to generate reports with page break using PSP .i
am going to use ORacle 9iAS/9i DB and also apart from ORacle 6i
i want to generate reports using PSP/Oracle 9iAS and i need to
have a facilty for online printing of report like with page
breaks and sub totals should come on my report...please clarify
this asap...

link file

I know how to create link file at the layout model ,but I wonder how we can change it at run time.Is there a different between report 6i and report 9i to do this.
Thanks in advance 
I don't think it is possible to change the file name at runtime either in 6i or 9i. If you have been using 6i, what has your experience been? Were you able to change it dynamically?