Tomcat and MapViewer - Spatial

Is it possible to deploy MapViewer
on Tomcat instead of OC4J ?
Anyone out there who tried this before ????


How to use a standalone mapviewer in JDeveloper

Hello everybody,
I want to use a standalone MapViewer (deployed in a standalone OC4J from MapViewer Quick Start) in JDeveloper.
How can i do it? 
if you want to replace the built-in oc4j with the one in the MapViewer quick start kit, then the answer is No you can't.
What exactly are you trying to do?
You can always have the standalone mapviewer running, develop your JSP application in jdev, and have your application talk to the standalone mapviewer (all it needs is the url to the mapviewer server). 
First of all thanks a lot for your interest !
What i want to do is to create a jsp page which will use the JSP tag library of Mapviewer.
The problem appears when i try to run a jsp page in JDeveloper which contain (for example) the init tag.
To be speceific i try to do what is described in the following link with the difference that i use a standalone mapviewer
Thanks in advance!

generating PDF-File from htmldb without using oracle-application server

we have only ORACLE-Standard Edition without ORACLE-Applicationserver.
We will use FOP to generate PDF-Files from HTMDB-Application.
Can we use free j2ee-Server like 'Apache Geronimo' ?
How do I have to configure the Apache (from ORACLE) server?
You should be able to use any application server that can run an fop renderer and xml/xslt transformations.
Hi Carl,
thank you for your message.
Can you help me and give me a overview to integrate fop without ORACLE-Application-Server?
Best regards
You can run in standalone OC4J if you have this.
Hi Mike,
thank you for your message.
I think, i have no license for OC4J standalone engine.
Can you help me and give me a overview to integrate fop without ORACLE-Application-Server?I've done it with tomcat before, The instructions are the same the only difference is you posting to a jsp in an Tomcat environment instead of a jsp in an OAS environment.

JDeveloper - MapViewer - Svg

I'm using mapviewer and svg samples. But I can't work any svg with Embedded OC4J Server. When I work svgmap.jsp in my project, I get a empty map. But if I deploy this project to Standalone OC4J then svg is working. How can I solve this prolem? İs there any idea?
Sorry for my english.

integrated example of Deploy application.

Hi everyone.
I have a application with ADF BC and ADF Faces. And I work with preview 2.
I can't deploy it to Standalone OC4J .
Please provide a integrated example for me .Thanks! 
What version of OC4J are you trying to deploy to?
For TP2, we recommend using just the embedded OC4J, or the embedded OC4J running in standalone mode.
-- Brian 
Thanks Brian.
I 'm using TP2.
And how to work with
embedded OC4J running in standalone mode . Thanks! 
I deploy the ADF Faces to OC4j standalone mode. It works fine. When I deploy the ADF BC,the PC becomes very slow.
by the way. embedded OC4J works fine. 
help me .please. thanks!

BC4J with Tomcat

I know that most of you prefer oc4j to run jsp, but my clients prefer free and open source software.
So, is there a way to deploy an application build with BC4J to Tomcat (without being bundled in JBoss).
Search JDeveloper help for "Tomcat".
Thanks, George