Rel4 Documentation? - Developer Suite Software Configuration Manager (SCM)(Archived)

Why isn't the Repository Release 4 documentation posted on the web site? I just want the release notes, before I download ;-)

I have requested that the documentation is updated by OTN

And it's still not there ;-)
I think that in the 21th century, posting a few html pages
shouldn't be that hard...
What's up with you guys over there?


The forgotten InterConnect  Release Notes

In the 2.2 Installing AS InterConnect section of Oracle documentation
The See Also: Release Notes link is broken:
Seems like a link auto-generation miss... 
Apologies for the delay in responding to you.
The link to the Application Server doc library B15862-01, component part B14070-01 has been fixed.
Thanks and regards,
Now when I needed the doc, it seems like link was not fixed!
Section 2.2 of B14070-01 (on specifically), See Also Oracle AS Release Notes link doesnt look right ( and leads to 404. 
Apologies for the delay in responding to you.
I forwarded your concerns to the appropriate AS contact and the response is that the link you provided ( was inappropriately turned off. It should not be used.
To find the correct release notes, go to the main AS 10.1.2 documentation page ( and look under the specific platform you are working with.
The documentation library for part B15862_01, part B14070 should be working now.
Your inputs are appreciated.
Thanks & Regards,

Oracle Applications Online Documentation CD link doesn't work

Please address this issue:
The Link "Oracle Applications Online Documentation CD" doesn't work
Commone ! Some one from Oracle!
Plase FIX that link !
It is fixed -- please clear your browser cache and re-try.
Cheers, OTN 
Dear OTN,
Why you haven't updated this thread before, stright after you have fixed it?
Or it is a modern silent CRM stile?
Frankly, nobody told me either!
Cheers, OTN 
Dear OTN,
Yes it looks like I am right - it is a modern silent CRM stile.
That is a shame that nobody told you that FEEDback is normal style of CRM.
If you don’t mine I am telling you that if somebody has reported a problem to you IT IS ADVISABLE TO INFORM PERSON after you have fixed reported problem.
If you don’t believe me, please ask your line manager.
With hope that you will improve your service in the future,
Best wishes,

Where to get patchset 3.01?

Just a few lines to air out my frustration....
After a half hour struggle I finally managed to download the Application Express 3.0.1 patchset.
- It's not on
- There is no link to it on (and as far as I know there is no link to it anywhere else.)
- The release notes state that it is available on But, after you finally get the hang of the weird interface of the patches and updates search utility, you will find absolutely nothing. No, it's not there.
Well it is there but not under the name Application Express. It's under HTMLDB !!!
Could somebody please put that in the documentation?
thanks Rene 
Hi Rene,
Thanks for sharing this, and I apologize for your frustration. This isn't necessarily an issue with the documentation. It's an issue with the product name/description on MetaLink. Either way, it's still an "Oracle problem".
Although I had filed a bug on this earlier, I'll followup with the maintainers of MetaLink to correct this.
On metalink, try to find by patch number: 6113844
and you will find it...
There is "Application Express" section on OTN:
Apex Home Page on OTH:
Software Downloads page on OTN: - here you will find all oracle software available to download. 
Just for the record (and thanks to the posting by Rene), this has now been corrected on MetaLink. The product name on MetaLink is now "Oracle Application Express (formerly HTML DB)".
Hopefully this will assist others in locating the patch sets when the specific patch number is not known.

What happened to Oracle by Example?

What happened to the Oracle By Example Section of OTN? This was a great tutorial which showed how to set up the Oracle database, Application Server etc. It also had case studies showing how to use different features of the database. I was using it as recently as two months ago, but now I can't find it anywhere.
Was it removed?
Please email me also at
Here's the URL:
That doesn't appear to work. 
I think these people are trying to integrate all the apps with SSO.
There are changes in the way Metalink is being accesssed too ..
So i hope it should be back soon (clarification: I am not the official word )
Sorry, OBE for Oracle9i is no longer available or maintained on OTN.
OBE for Oracle Database 10g is still available:
Cheers, OTN

Repository Rel4 Docs

How come Repository Release 4 is available for download, but its documentation is not available online (as opposed to Release 3)?
Does the Rel4 comes without documentation? 
Release 4 does come with docs. If you download the Repository zip file you will find the correct documentation.
I will get the release 4 docs on to OTN.
They're still not there... 
Is there a reason for not wanting to post rel4 docs on OTN (and is it the same reason for not telling us why)?