cannot use jesi:fragment  (err msg : The page caused an ESI processing exception. ) - Web Cache and Edge Side Includes (ESI)(Archived)

i have been using JESI tag to improve my jsp application,
<jesi:control>,<jesi:invalidate> and <jesi:include> can work
correctly, but when i try to use <jesi:fragment>, esi exception
has invoked.
i am using webcache, ojsp on oc4j,
What's wrong ?
Anybody can help me ? 

We had one problem with jesi:fragment fixed in ojsp
-- also available as ojsp 9.0.2 on (I think).
After that we had another complaint about <jesi:fragment> in I am not sure what the complaint was about or whether it
has been fixed.
To help us diagnose this problem, please telnet to the app server
port, bypassing the cache, and use the URL that produces the
error. Then find that URL in the log file. It'll be different
from what you type in the browser, because it will be one of the
fragments being fetched. It will look smth like
host:port/a/b.jsp?_esi__fragment=1 . Then send the telnet output
to us for diagnostics.

Hi, i am trying to write a small jsp to invalidate a page. but not able to do that. What is am doing is as follows
<%-- JESI Tag Library declaration --%>
<%# taglib uri="jesitaglib.tld" prefix="jesi" %>
<jesi:invalidate url="" username="invalidator" password="invalidator">
<jesi:object uri="" maxRemovalDelay="0">
this does not work. Could you help me ? 

What version of Web Cache are you running? 

When you say it doesn't wortk, do you mean that JSP runs, but your document is not invalidated, or do you see an error response.
Also, please modify the invalidation tag as below to capture the response in browser and run your JSP from a browser:
<jesi:invalidate url="..." username=".." password="..." output="browser" >
Also, please enable event logging in your cache, run this JSP and tell us what errors you are seing in the event.log.


What happened to my Date-Access Tag Descriptions?

I install the file OJSPUTIL.JAR and include in my classpath and SQLTAGLIB.TLD is deployed this the application. And I write a JSP file,such as in the following:
<%# taglib uri="/WEB-INF/sqltaglib.tld" prefix="sql" %>
<sql:dbOpen URL="jdbc:oracle:thin:#njjyc_rmsserver:1521:rms5" user="rms" password="rmsrms" connId="con1">
<sql:dbQuery connId="con1" skipRows=<%=rowstart%> maxRows='10'>
     select depaid,depaname from depa order by depaid
<sql:dbClose connId="con1" />
It is working at first time when I am browsing in IE,the second time is working too sometims,But the third time no data apprear with the same URL in IE.
The error message is "javax.servlet.jsp.JspTagException: java.sql.SQLException: closed Resultset: next at oracle.jsp.dbutil.tagext.dbNextTag.doStartTag(
Is my usage of this taglib error?
Your advise is appreciated! 
I don't know what Java/JSP app server you're running. In my case, I use oc4j - Oracle J2EE Container. I had this problem and it was resolved by switching to Oracle's JspServlet - oracle.jsp.JspServlet to handl JSP's.
Go to, find and download OracleJSP, unzip the downloaded zip file, open index.html and go to Set up with Oracle 9iAS Container for J2EE section. It tells the detail how to switch as well as other things you need to do to deploy Oracle JSP.
Hope this can also be a help if you use other JSP container.
Good luck!

FileNotFoundException when POST'ing from a JSP using HttpURLConnection

I've got a JSP (not a Portlet JSP) that I've placed in a directory under Apache/Apache/htdocs/jpdk. The JSP is being
called from an HTML Portlet.
What the JSP does is open up a URL connection using HttPURLConnection. However, it fails and returns a FileNotFoundException.
The exact same code works under other web servers e.g. Tomcat. It looks like it's a configuration problem. Is it?
If so, where should regular JSP's be placed?
It's not clear to me whether your problem is related to the location of the JSP file, or to the logic it tries to perform; I suppose the first.
o Through what URL do you try to access the JSP?
o Can you access by typing in the URL in your browser?
o Do you get the same exception with a simple helloworld-like JSP too?
o What do the logs show? 
Did you find a solution for that...I am facing the same problem as well.. if you have found a solution pls post it.


It seems that <jml:print> isn't implemented in JDeveloper 3.0's JSP implementation (when I try to use it, I get the error "Error (11)jml:print is not a registered tag in that namespace.."
I've used the taglib directive at the top of the page and am able to use the other jml tags (in fact am using <jml:useVariable> on the previous line).
Does anyone know if this is a problem in all OJSP implementations or just JDeveloper's? Also, how/where can I get the OJSP engine? I've searched all over technet and cannot find it anywhere - I'd like to load it w/ Apache or such. Alternatively (preferrably), I'd like to use it w/ OAS - I've heard there's a patch, but cannot find it either.
Thanks for any help!
ojsp is available at
If you need more information on ojsp, goto and then click on documentation

jsp:include & xsql jsp error

I'm trying to include an xsql page into a jsp running under the apache server in 9ias. My install of 9ias appeared to run without any errors(i'm using 817 as the origin database). All the conf files seem to have the right entries in the right places to enable xsql (I can view the .xsql file in a browser no problem) I can see jsp's in a browser no problem. However when I try <jsp:include flush="true" page="myfile.xsql" /> all i get is a jsp error : javax.servlet.ServletException: Include /test/myfile.xsql failed: can only include a jsp or html page.
Can anybody suggest what I'm doing wrong or not set up correctly
Same problem here!
Can any one help?

file upload functionality in oracle portal server

I have got a struts portlet on oracle portal server 9.0.4.My functionality is to have a file upload facility. I tried to achieve it , but problem arises when i use any pdk taglibs like
<pdk-html:link page="/">
after uploading when i forward to a result.jsp. and in that file if i use a tag like above, it gives null pointer exception because
this returns null when my enctype is multipart/form-data. in the fileupload.jsp
and the in the internal implementation of the pdk taglib it refers to the PortletRenderRequest from httprequest object.
The following link says multipart is not supported by the Parallel Page Engine.
Re: multipart/form-data jsp
Do you have any idea on this issue. File upload seems to be a basic functionality but doesnt the Oracle portal Server support it?
With kind regards,
my mail id is pls cc ur reply to this id too . thanks 
I got the solution, we cannot achive file upload in portal server cos it does not support Multi-part Data . instead i achieved it by a separate struts application to upload and invoked it from my portal application in an popup window.