how to change user profile in external application - Oracle Application Server Portal

is there anybody known how to change user profile in external
application ?


How to capture the siteminder authenticated user name in HTMLDB Application

I have an HTMLDB application built with application level users and roles defined. This HTMLDB application had current users set with the roles within the application.
We want to convert the local autentication to siteminder athentication and wants to use user roles part as it is developed in HTMLDB application.
My requirement is, for every siteminder authenticated user when ever he visits the htmldbd appication user needs to be created on the fly with default role if he is not an existing user and for exisiting user based on the username access to the application will be based on the authorisation levels.
Question here is , How to capture the username when ever any siteminder authenticated user access HTMLDB application using URL.
Any help is appreciated.

Language of OAF run application

Hi I have R12 and JDev R, when i run any application from jdeveloper its appear with non English language. How can i set to run always as english language. Thanks
How does it come, when you use the same user and responsibility from the application ? CheersAJ
I run it directly from jdeveloper, my ERP have 2 language as interface, so its go to the other language (not English language) 
Hani, When you login to application directly (not from Jdeveloper), using the same username and responsibility, is it showing English or the other language ? Check the ICX: Language Profile Option set for the User you use in Jdeveloper. Profile OptionThe ICX:Language profile option is used for the following:Default language to use for offline with other users on the system. For example, the language to use for an e-mail notification to be sent to a user on the system, and which may be read offline from the system.Default language to use for other Oracle E-Business Suite login methods besides the login page. For example, the language to use for the session language when logged in through JDeveloper.Session language when the "Applications Override SSO Server Language" profile option is set to "Override SSO Server Language".The ICX:Language profile is normally not set at user level when a given user initially starts using Oracle E-Business Suite. Regardless of whether a value exists for the profile at user level, the language chosen on the login page (the runtime session value) is not automatically saved to the ICX:Language profile value for the user. The user can either specifically set a value for the ICX:Language profile at user level after logging in, or continue to inherit the value from the higher profile value levels. A value always exists for the ICX:Language profile at site level. Also check this linkThanassis Bakalidis's Programming and DBA Scratch Pad: JDeveloper OC4J Changing the language that eror messages are disp… Hope it helps. CheersAJP.S: Please mark the helpful / correct answer, if it is 
Hani,Was the profile set to other language ?
Yes i change ICX:Language profile option to be English for spastic userThanks

Password expiration in External Apps

We have a requirement to handle password expiration in external application. In our current setup we single sign-on external applications using Oracle SSO. And our external applications have a set date for password expiration. Letus say for example password expires every 60 days. So if the user clicks on the application link on the 60th day, the user will see a password reset screen from the application, which will prompt the user for old, new and confirm new password fields. Now have been SSOed for some time, the user does not remember old password and wants the password reset screen to pickup old password from the password store and be prepopulated. Also the user will type in the new password and login. From now on we want the Login Server to pickup this new password for the next 60 days.
Does Oracle provide this kind of password reset support for applications. Ideally what we are looking for is a "Password Reset Screen" just like the "External Applications Login Screen" from Oracle SSO that understands how to interact either with the external application or an API where we would write some custom code to interact with external applications to make the password change take effect.
I would like to know how this situation is being handled in other implementations.
Thank You very much for your time and information.

A single definitive method to add users programmatically

From all the postings here - there is no
clear documented way to add users programmatically.
If i do make use of -
,p_err =>l_err);
My code does not compile because it cannot seem to find the reference to this type
If this works, then I would need to set a context
to then call
why do i have to use the private api wwso_ls_private.create_user(). Why cannot I call
the add_portal_user() apis as documented in the PDK ??
Can anyone pls tell me a definitive way to
do this?? The version I am using is 3.0.7
and will be moving to 3.0.8 once we sort out
some other issues.
It is a little confusing at first, but let me try to explain. In order to allow a user to login, you need to create a Single-Sign On account for the user on the Login Server. This account stores the authentication information for the user - essentially the username and password. Once a user has been created on the Login Server, the user gets the ability to Logon and connect to any partner application (Portal is also a partner application).
Now, once the user has been authenticated by the Login Server, every partner application may grants its own set of privileges to the user, so the partner application needs to store the user profile in its repository. Hence the user profile needs to be created in the Portal.
Having said this, the API wwsso_ls_private.ls_create_user existing in the SSO schema (you won't find it in the Portal schema) can be used to create the user account in the Login Server in 3.0.7, but please be aware that this is a private API and it may change in future (you may use wwsso_api.create_user, instead of wwsso_ls_private.ls_create_user, in 3.0.8). The user profile can be created using the API wwsec_api.add_portal_user. Typically, this should be followed by wwsec_api.add_user_to_list to grant a group membership to the user.

Generic username and password

Is it possible to user a generic username and password for all users for a particular external application? 
I may be wrong, but it sounds like you dont need a username and password to access the user app, which means it can be set up as a direct call to the app using a different means. 
I may be wrong, but it sounds like you dont need a username and password to access the user app, which means it can be set up as a direct call to the app using a different means. 
No - I have an external site with a single username and password for all portal users. I don't want the user community to set up the preferences (waist of their time - and they don't need to know it anyway), but the authentication is required for the other site.