Expired token on JSP partner application - Oracle Application Server Portal

anybody known how to solve this problem ?
oracle.security.sso.enabler.SSOEnablerException: oracle.security.sso.enabler.SSOTokenExpiredException: Expired token detected: 1008
when this error occurred, i must recreate partner application.


Internal error (WWC-00006)

When i open portal Homepage, the following error is displayed on the top of the page. Below this error the Portal Builder page is shown.
Error: Internal error (WWC-00006)
An unexpected error occurred: ORA-29261: bad argument (WWC-43000)
After Login, the following message is displayed.
Error: ORA-06510: PL/SQL: unhandled user-defined exception
Can any1 help me to sort what am i missing ? 
I have resolved myself. It was because the configuration wasn't done according to instructions and few steps in which ptlconfig file was used to be excuted were skip.
anywayz, thanks for dropping by


hi ,
Iam building web clipping portlets.
when iam trying to configure yahoo mail (http://www.yahoomail.com)it is giving the following error.
An exception has occurred : oracle.portal.wcs.transport.http.HttpTransportException WCS-517 -- SSL handshake failed for HTTPS connection to URL http://yahoomail.com by method get
when i am trying to configure hotmail it is giving the following error.
An exception has occurred : oracle.portal.wcs.WcException WCS-014 -- Internal error : The request mode null is invalid
Can any one please tell me what is the reason for that and how it will be resolved

Duplicate Planning Application Failed

I would like to duplicate a Planning Application. When doing this from the Application Library I am get following error message:
Duplicating Application 'CLAIMS' to 'CLAIMDEV' failed.
Error 'ORA-02291: integrity constraint (EPMA.FK_PROPMBRDIM02) violated - parent key not found
' occured during duplicate.
And another one can be found in Event viewer:
[16] ERROR SVR_ERR_SESSION_MGR_CAS_SECURITY_ERROR:An error was encountered by the CAS Security Provider: 25:1040:Group with identity native://DN=cn=dd87f7240770a02d,ou=Groups,dc=css,dc=hyperion,dc=com?GROUP not found.Hyperion.CommonServices.Exceptions.SessionManagerException:
Does anybody know what is causing this error and how to solve this?
Kind regards,
Erik van der Plas

Weblogic SOAP Error Codes

I'm trying to configure Weblogic to handle signed and encrypted message with this policy: policy:Wssp1.2-2007-Wss1.1-UsernameToken-Plain-X509-Basic256.xml.
The logs suggests that Weblogic can verify digests/signatures, decrypt the body, and validate the that the client certificate is trusted. There are no errors in the logs but the request never reaches my web service method and returns with a SOAP fault. Usually, the weblogic error messages have some meaningful text about what went wrong but this time, it's a bunch of error codes:
env:Fault xmlns:wsse="http://docs.oasis-open.org/wss/2004/01/oasis-200401-wss-wssecurity-secext-1.0.xsd">
<faultstring>Error codes: 3201 6401 7008 Error code:3201</faultstring>
Are these codes documented somewhere?

run secoidd error with error code "LDAP error:53"

urgent !please help me .
After I run secrmoid script like below: "secrmoid orasvr3.pohai.org.tw 4032 cn=orcladmin welcome1 portal portal 1"
then I run secoidd script, but I got below error message:
SQL> #secoidd orasvr3.pohai.org.tw 4032 cn=orcladmin welcome1 Y welcome1
Creating Lightweight User Accounts and Groups in OID
Error code : 1
Error message: User-Defined Exception
LDAP error : 53: DSA is unwilling to perform
ERROR: creating application entry
Access control set for portal instance
OID information set
Error code : 1
Error message: User-Defined Exception
ERROR: setting subscriber information
Error code : 1
Error message: User-Defined Exception
LDAP error :
ERROR: Creating OID entries for subscriber
Did you find a fix to this issue? I am running into same problem.