fileuploader90.fmb not working on Linux - Reports

I am trying to get the fileuploader90.fmb working in Linux environment. I was able to get it working just fine in win 2000 environment but for our production environment it must work on Linux. Here is what I tried to do on the Linux machine:
1. ftp fileuploader90.fmb to /home/ora9ids/9iDS/forms90
2. ftp fileupload90.pll to /home/ora9ids/9iDS/forms90
3. Compiled fileuploader90.fmb to create fmx
4. ftp uploadclient.jar, uploadserver.jar to /home/ora9ids/9iDS/bin
I entered my url: and the upload form came up just fine but when I clicked on the (select file on client) button nothing happened. I should get the browse window to grab the file off my client machine.
Am I missing something here to get this to work on Linux platform? 

You probably want to post this in the Forms forum:


Error launching Analyzer 5.0

I have done this installation a few times. I have an Analyzer service running on an NT machine and I have installed the client for various Win2000 machines. But for these two particular machines after I finish the client installation and try to launch Analyzer client, I get the error "Table set does not have version 5.x format. Please use a version 5.x table set and restart". I'm using a central Oracle repository, version 5 which I can connect to with SQL*Plus without any problems from these two problematic machines. The Analyzer50RDBMS datasource is testing ok as well which tells me that my application should be connecting to the one and only correct repository. The error message is trying to suggest that I'm connecting to a different version of the repo. I feel like telling everyone to come and use my machine because things work well on my machine :) Please help. Thanks.

Character report printing on linux

I am migrating an application from a windows environment to linux, my character report prints fine in the windows based server. While migrating I have been following the steps described in the oracle doc. "Deploying Reports...." but I am stuck at the following point:
1) I installed the app server on a linux box (suse ES 10), successfully installed a windows printer (the printer is connected to and shared by a windows based client) on the linux server
2) I tested the printer named "lx300up" on the linux machine and it prints fine, I can send output to it without any problems ("echo HELLO WORLD | lpr -O lx300up" works fine) I added an entry for this printer in the uiprint.txt file of the report server but the character report in question still fails to print with the following message:
Executed successfully but there were some errors when distribute the output<br>
Can anyone provide me some tips for debugging this problem since this error message does not even contain any reference to a particular error and the documentation provided by oracle does no reference to anything like this problem.
Thanks & Regards
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The error message you are getting means the output directory or the destination does not exsits.
I believe you have installed the server in the Linux box and accessing your application from windows PC. Then pass printer name in report_destype parameter of RUN_REPORT_OBJECT.
Otherwise you can use ORARRP to get the functionality. You can find the same at
I am doing everything you say allready, the printer name is passed to the RUN_REPORT_OBJECT built in already, the same calling form woks well on my app server installed on windows so i asume the problem is the printer driver of my linux box.
Thanks for the help 
you mean you app server is installed in windows server and you are accessing the application from linux.

Cannot type on SQL Worksheet from XManager for Solaris

SQL Dev 1.5 runs on Windows XP,
and would like to use it on Solaris 10 to connect to Database 10g (on Solaris) using XManager.
Java 1.5_06.
Because of some policy, I had to use XManager to run the SQL Dev ( on the Solaris from my Win XP.
I can connect to the database, fill in the connection textbox, and all seems to be okay.
But when I opened the SQL Worksheet, I cannot do any typing on it.
And even the Cut - Copy - Paste from both context menu and main menu is all disabled.
For the time being, I open a file on worksheet and Execute from it.
If I want to modify its contents, I use vi (Solaris text editor) and save the changes.
SQL Dev does follow the changes and I can execute from it.
But it is so inefficient to do such thing.
Any clues on what's happening?
Other users reported similar keyboard problems using other consoles.
Can't you install sqldev on your XP?
If you want to run on solaris, run on solaris. run a window manager on solaris and vnc into if you have to. Switching displays like this is problematic. Use Openwindows and vncserver and vnc into you OWM session. They u should be fine as ur running on :0.0 and all standard solaris mappings should be there.
Most of your latency is also going to come freom screen updates which is not what u want. If you really want this to work this way, then you'll need to set up some key mappings in your XServer that you have on XP.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes, K, the SQL Dev previously works on XP very well.
I used it all the times to connect to Oracle DB servers.
Only this case, I need to run it on Solaris since the company's policy disallow to connect from client side.
And Barry,
I've tried to launch it directly from another development server (same OS on Solaris too), and it works just fine.
Maybe there is some settings on the XManager which I should check.

OBIEE 12c - uploading RPD

Hey there. I have been working on this for days now and cannot get any success. I understand the difference under 12c and what's required to upload an RPD, but the real question is: "has anyone done this from Windows to Linux (ie: meta-data-cmd.cmd NOT It seems to be overwhelming as I've had to copy bits of Java (classes), played with trusted store (SSL). I've read the manuals over and over andso far, it simply doesn't work and I get error of: "connection error -1". Has anyone, anywhere seen a blog, documentation, etc. that fully shows the process via Windows. It simply doesn't work for me so far andthere's nothing written about it so far. Thanks.
what is the exact issue you're facing... 
The issues never seem to end. First of all there are Java classes that are not installed in the correct directory with the BI client tool that are in the Linux directories. Then in the data-model-cmd.cmd script, you have to have extra parameters that are not required in the .sh version (because it's a client installation,but, of course, if you're using the BI Admin Tool from Windows (ala v11.x) then that would always be a client installation). Then it's not a trusted connection as it's a client installation so now you have to be running SSL in OBIEE as well (trusted store, key, etc.), etc. Now I'm getting a useless message such as "connection error: -1", except the server, and the port are correct. It's just an uphill battle. Compare it to the script where it just works. Same parameters as I use in the .cmd script (well less required) and it worked first time. Unfortunately I'm at a location where jumping on to the Linux box and running it from there are not possible. So my original request is finding ANYONE who has successfully uploaded an RPD from the Windows client .cmd script and what they went through'cause it's not obvious and has a number of 'unwritten' challenges. Thanks.
Hi. My client system is Windows 7 (tested on Win 10 also) and a server is on Oracle Linux 6. The only issue I've faced was copying two jars from Linux to Windows. It looks like you've already done it. After that, everything works for me. Here is my post about it:
First of all, thanks for the reply. For your server, is it on the Windows machine as well (ie: Linux running on the same laptop)? Reason I'm asking is there seems to be extra fields needed when you're running the command from a client machine (Windows) to a server (Linux) and one of them I believe was a mandatory -SSL field. So I'm just wondering if it's different if on the same box versus from a box to the same box (whether or not running VirtualBox, etc.)? Thanks.
Pictures from my blog post were taken on the following configuration: VM #1: OBIEE 12c working on Oracle Linux 6. VM #2: OBIEE client on MS Windows 10. Both VMs work on the same host (Windows 10). But I tried the same procedure with a remote Linux server (Windows 7 - client, OEL 6 - remote server). Everything worked fine without -SSL key. By the way, have you checked things like a firewall and Java version/bitness? Sometimes the easiest answer is the best one.
Andrewif написал(а):
Here is my post about it:
Andrewif, thousands ray goodness to you for this post
This problem is now documented: 1.2.4 Error When Running data-model-cmd.cmd Launcher Script

Reports Server

Hello...I have a very strange problem. I hope somebody has a solution to this. I am using Oracle Reports 6.0 with Oracle 8i. I want to use the Oracle Reports server over the Win NT platform. I Installed the complete Developer package but even then for some reason, the file "rwmts60" was not installed on my machine. I would like to know what happened even though I did a Complete Installation.Why was the reports server no installed? So I tried to copy the file from the CD into the BIN directory and created an NT service after creating a tnsname for the reports server in the tnsnames.ora file in the following format
" "
The service was created but the problem is that the system is unable to start the service. It gives the message
"The Oracle reports server [repserver] returned a service specific error 181"
The same thing happened on Windows 2000 Advanced server.So I shifted to NT thinking maybe that is the problem.
Somebody please help if you can. I really need this to be working ASAP..
Thanks in Advance
If this issue is urgent and you need an answer to get up and running, please log a TAR with Oracle Support Services.
I am not sure why rwmts60.exe was not installed in the bin directory. That aside, normally, we see this error dealing with case sensitivity. For example, when the repserver.ora file contains upper case for the securitytnsnames and portaluserid. Check out the repserver.ora file and the case of the repserver. Hope this helps.
The Oracle Reports Team jls 
what do you mean by complete Developer package? when you are installing you have choice of installing
1. Form Server
2. Report Server
3. Form/Report developer.
Make sure you install Report Server option not the developer option