Oracle Grpahics Number Format Symbol - Reports

I am building graphs with Oracle Graphics and my axis is in
percentage. What Number Format Mask symbol should I use to show
the percentage?


Reports Graph Issue

I have developed a report which has a graph. The graph shows fine in the reports builder.
But when I try generating the report in pdf format from a form, in 10gAS, the graph does not come up. I get only the legends generated and the X- and Y axis lines with no scale or graph bars.
Pls help. Its very urgent
Thank you very much

FML999G999G999G999G990D00 formatting

Hi Friends,
I found this FML999G999G999G999G990D00 column report formatting in one
of the SAMPLE APPS which I am learning.
Is the default currency format of this type default to "$" ? How do I change it to POUND or
EURO, etc :)
Thanks a lot 
I found this FML999G999G999G999G990D00 column report
formatting in oneThe "L" symbol in the format mask supplies the local currency symbol - the current value of the NLS_CURRENCY database parameter.
You should figure out exactly what your requirement is with respect to multi region support, using the Database Globalization Support Guide and APEX Globalization. 
Thank a lot dear :)
Our currency sign is PESO :( Is there a APEX globalization support for it?
Or How cam I change display from $100 to P100
Thanks again

unable to display integers on Y-Axis

Hi everyone,
I am generating graphs using report builder on Solaris
I use 9i reports version
when i genarate a graphical view, Iam able to display values on x-axis but on y-axis iam getting as
1.000, 2.000, 21.00,21k
Iam getting 1.1K on yaxis instead of 1105
so can any one help me how can i get entire value on Y-axis
thanks in advance
Oracle Reports Technical FAQ
By default the Y-axis scale in my graph reads as 1K, 2K... Can I modify the scale to read 1000, 2000...?
thank you for your help
I will try to do it But here iam using jsp files not xml and I generate jsp file from report builder.
so can u help me where can i make these changes... I mean by changing jsp file or changing through report builder
If through report builder where can I make these settings
Thank you

Graph on report???

Hello experts,
can we show graph on report?
i am using 10g form and report.
sure you can. There is a Graph wizard in Reports Builder that will guide you.
The following is information related to Reports 11g but will apply to 10g too.
There are also several support notes that will help you.
     How to Find Documentation About Graphs in Reports 9i and later? (Doc ID 234137.1)
NOTE:230020.1 - How to Format Graph Numeric Axis or Slice Tick Label Values in Reports 9i?
NOTE:234136.1 - How to Control the Colors Displayed in a Reports 9i Graph?
NOTE:233568.1 - How to Change or Remove the Main Pie or Bar Chart Data Value Label in Reports 9i?
NOTE:234401.1 - How to Change the Size of the Graph Plot Area in Reports 9i?
NOTE:233960.1 - How to Change the Size of the Pie in a Reports 9i Pie Chart?
NOTE:241640.1 - How to Format Graph Marker Text Format in Reports 9i?
NOTE:234138.1 - How To Find RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Hex Color Codes for Reports 9i?
NOTE:229911.1 - How To Add Background Colour To The Entire Graph Object In Reports 9i?
NOTE:264839.1 - How to display $1000, $2000 and So On In a Chart
NOTE:254727.1 - How to Use Gradient Color Fill for the Plot Area of a Graph in Reports 9i
NOTE:242902.1 - How to Set the Min/Max Scaling Values for the X and Y Axis for Graphs Created in Reports 9i.
NOTE:1085039.1 - How To Increase Axis Label Font Size on a Bar Chart?
Regards, RZ

Reports 9i Graph with decimal separator

Hello !!!
When I am using graphwizard in oracle reportbuilder 9i, I have following problem :
When data in graph are with decimal separator (',') Builder is generating error when i run web layout:
javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: REP-59042: Fail to set graph definition/data: "java.lang.NumberFormatException: -136,8"
When I change data to integer is OK.
What shall I do in order to have data with decimal separator which will correctly generate the graph?
thanks for help
This looks like bug 2526082, which should be fixed in the upcoming patch set.