Reports6i and DB2 - Reports

I have DB2 Database running on AIX and Reports6i on
Windows95/NT. I have configured ODBC for DB2. But I am not able
to connect Reports6i to DB2.
( I am able to connect Oracle Discoverer 4.1 to DB2 using the
same ODBC).
I am trying to connec this way:
username : testuser
password : testpassword
database : ODBC:testdb2
I am getting this error:
REP-0501 - unable to connect to specified Database
ORA-03121 - no interface driver connected. function not performed
Suggestions appreciated.


Integrating OBIEE with DB2

Hi I am tring to connect my OBI Client to DB2 databse and while importing the metadata it shoows error 'The connection has failed'. I have created the System DSN Connection and when I test the connection there it gets connected. The DB2 is version 9 and resides in zOS mainframe. Can anyone please help me in resolving the issue?

Connecting dev 6i to 8i on windows xp

I'm trying to connect the procedure builder to my databese (which are installed on the machine) using this text in the database option: ODBC:t:test3.caspi.ofcourse t stnands for the odbc service I configured and test3 is global name of the database. The result is very suprising: I'm getting an error massge syas I'm trying to connect to a non ORACLE database.
I must add that on the ODBC test application the was succesful.

jdbc:polite Connect String-not using ODBC ?

I've been attempting to connect to an O8i database using the OCI driver connect format described on page 4-5 of the O8i User's Guide "Distributing the JDBC Driver":
To connect to the Oracle Lite database without using the ODBC.INI file, use the connect string:
Has anyone been able to use this connection string ?
Please post any sample connect code that does not use ODBC.
(I'm using Oracle 8i Lite V4. on Win95)

unable to connect to the specified database

I am evaluating the Oracle Report Builder and I am trying to connect to a Sybase database using ODBC.
I have successfully made a connection with the Query Builder but have not been able to connect with Report Builder.
I get the following error:
REP-0501 unable to connect to the specified database
ORA:00021:invalid session id: access denied.
Any help on this as to what I need to connect to a sybase database would be most appreciated

Repository connection error

I have installed oracle 9iDS.When i try to connect to database on diffrent machine using OWB client,I get following error:
"API5022:can not connect to the specified repository.Verify connectin information."
Though, I can use the same user ,password and sid to connect through SQL*Plus of oracle 9ids.
What else I need to set to connect repository using owb client?