Reports 6i Matrix Output in Excel Format - Reports

I have built a Matrix Report (Reports 6i) and now the customer
wants that output to be in Excel File. When I generate a CSV
file and open in Excel , I dont get the Matrix format.
Will the Built in Package Text_Io help.
Any suggestions?

Hey how to CSV file, i am able to create HTML, PDF file i have
requirement of CSV file.
ADVANCE Thanks for your help
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Please, verify in http:\\ the document Note:
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You should use dstype = DELIMITED that will allow you to save
in CSV or EXCEL format.
By the way do have any idea about parameter form in reports6i.
I am unable to run report which accepts parameter within
parameter form. 

I have the same problem in generating a matrix excel output.
Is there any example for creating matrix reports?


Calling Excel from reports

Dear all,
From the report runtime preview is it possible to export the data displayed to excel thru OLE2 or any other method.
Is it at all feasible..the how..
Using reports 6i
pl. email also to
Hi ,
try with generate file to delimited.
So that you can get .csv file.

How to convert the Report Builder output to .xls

Dear All,
Let me please know how to convert the Report Builder output to Excel Format.
As there are having the facility to convert the output in .PDF or .HTML format but i want to convert that into Excel Sheet......
Please Guide me in this regards
Thanks in advance
If your question is about the format spreadsheet, it is not possible from Reports Builder :
It is not possible to generate spreadsheet output directly from Reports Builder. Instead, on the command line, you can run the report using rwrun or Reports Server clients (rwservlet, rwclient, rwcgi), with DESFORMAT=SPREADSHEET. You cannot store DESFORMAT=SPREADSHEET as a system parameter value in the report definition (.rdf file).

report in csv format

Hi all,
Currently i am calling a oracle 6i report from the oracle 6i form.I want that when ever i press ok button of my
form a excel file will be generated which will contain my report.The type of the file is CSV file.
I donot want to see the output in oracle report.
Can you please help me.
Hello Friend,
Use text_io package to generate .csv file.

Excel Output

I want to get the output of a formatted report as an excel spreadsheet. what shall i do? 
Reports supports output to delimited data (CSV) file format. You can open these files in Excel.
I want tht when the report starts output should be displayed as a spreadsheet(in excel) not in previwer.
I don't want that user should hve to open it using excel but shuld be opened automatically.
thx in advance. 
In the report url add the following
Please let me know if this helps
if you are using server then use desformat=simpleexcel
it will automatically open the report in excel.

Excel output in Reports6i

I am having problem in generating excel output. I am using reports6i and i am generating output from web. While generating,i am getting the output in excel. But my problem is, in my excel output i am having a field called barcode which is a varchar2 type and having values like (7889999677)number data. So if i generated the excel output file automatically it is showing that data in excel as right aligned data cell. I want that particular cell should be left aligned since it is varchar2 type. Can anybody solve this problem.
Thanks in advance
M.C. Meenakshi 
I guess that you are using DESFORMAT=DELIMITED. If so, you don't have any control over formatting etc. Remember that a delimited file only consists of data and a delimiter like 2.4;1.6;6.3;1.1;1.2!
If it's possible, install Oracle Reports10g (part of Developer Suite 10g) and use the new way to generate an Excel Report.
Metalink Note 24819.1 describes how to make a report template in MS Excel. This will be opened and customized in Oracle Reports. When running the report, MS Excel will be automatically started (or via Excel browser plugin) and display the data. Quite nice!!!
Martin Malmström
Hi...Many Thanks for your quick response...
My actual issue is to generate this report in Reports6i only. I would not be able to use Oracle 10g because i am supposed to provide this solution on Reports6i only. Could you pls help me on this issue.
I think in 6i it seems like there is no way to do this. Once delimited file is generated it is up to Excel to format the data 
My client is having the same requirement as of
your requirement...
Can u plz suggest me how can i export the report
output to Excel sheet...
i hope u have the solution for this requirement...
plz it's urgent...!
Thanks in advance... 
modify the sql column with this '="'||column_name||'"'
this will make excel recognise it as a string and not format it.