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we have a problem with several columns being truncated when the output format is excel (QBE- Report and SQL-Wizard).
It works fine when the output format is html, but we do need the export ;).
Any suggestions?
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This is the limitation of Excel.
Pls refer to the Bug1521814.
It says:
There is the limitation in EXCEL in handling the data in sylk format.
Try the following:
Enter some text (more than 255 charaters) in a cell and save it as sylk file.
Now open the saved file in notepad. You will see that the text is truncated
to 255 characters. Now add few characters to the text in the sylk file and
save it and try to open it in EXCEL. You will get a error message and it does
not show the text in the EXCEL. 

Hi all,
Has anyone found any sort of workaround for this problem? I'm desperate...


CSV Export - Foreign Character Problem

We have created a report which queries records from various countries. The problem we are having is with foreign characters (eg: ü, ß, Ö, ä etc). These characters are being displayed correctly in the browser however when we export to Excel (CSV) file they get turned into something like (¼, ¤, ¶, ƒ).
Could someone please explain why this might be happening and if possible suggest a fix or workaround?
Many thanks,
I've been looking into this problem a bit further and it appears that all of the foreign characters are being correctly written to the .CSV file during the export. The problem is when Excel tries to open the .CSV file. I'm guessing that my characters don't fall into the .CSV's UTF-8 format, therefore Excel swaps them with other characters.
If you're interested here is my work around to this problem:
1) Open the .CSV file in Notepad
2) Select All then Copy
3) Paste into blank Excel document
4) Highlight Column A and select Data -> Text to Columns
5) Select Delimited then make sure only Comma is ticked
6) Click Finish
-- My original characters are now intact.
7) Finally save as .XLS
This might help you with the Umlaut issue:
Re: German "Umlaute" problem in csv download file

Problem with export button

Hi All,
I'm having an export button on the reports page...The results are displayed properly in the results page(both english and non english).But when i click on the export button an save it...the other language characters(Japanese) are displayed as ?????????? in the excel.
Please help me in geeting the proper data on to the excel.
Srikanth Enuguru 
Hi Srikanth,
I think its the problem with MS Excel.
MS Excel unable to recognize the Japanese characters.
Try changing encodings and fonts in MS Excel.
The excel is able to display the japaneese characters when i manually copy pasted some japaneese characters.
Please help me in finding some solution for this.
Hi All,
The export button exports the results of the VO to a CSV(comma seperated file) and not an excel file....I guess this is the limitation of the CSV not able to display non english characters....
Is there any workaround so that i can export the results into an excel file with both english and non english characters displayed properly?
Please suggest me some solution
80 views and only 1 reply... :(
Didn't you get my problem or is there no work around for the problem? 
csv file is a flat file, so maybe the problem is the file encoding format, you can check the export code to find the encoding of the exported file.
or you can save a file contains japanese text using the ascii encoding and open with excel, and save as another file using the encoding such as utf-8 and open it with excel, compare the two of them.

Number being formatted to scientific on CSV

I am working on a report that has a field that can take text, "asdf 333339999999", and numbers, "33333333333333333". The field is being populated from a string variable and outputs to PDF fine but the CSV number is changed to scientific formatting.
PDF - 333333333333333333
CSV - 3.942E+09
Help would be much appreciated! 
have you verified the csv file with a text viewer? if using excel sometimes if only a formatting issue. first try to validate if the text file has the correct value. 
Which version are using? Tested in 6i and got 1234567890123456789 in Delimited output.

Generating Excel report in report 10g getting junk characters.

I am trying to generate Excel, PDF, and HTML report from same RDF containing Chinese character.
PDF and HTML is generated fine. But when I generated Excel by using desformat DELIMITEDDATA, it show some junk characters.
I tried to generate Excel by using desformat SPREADSHEET, now HTML page is coming up showing correct data but it should by default open in excel.
Please help need solution urgently. 
Try this simple test (I don't know Chinese, but I copied a string form a web page):
- Open Excel and put some Chinese characters in a cell.
- Save the workbook as a CSV file and close it.
- Re-open the CSV file.
Do you see the characters? I didn't. The CSV file is a non-Unicode file.
This link might help:
I tried to generate Excel by using desformat SPREADSHEET, now HTML page is coming up showing correct data but it should by default open in excel.SPREADSHEET is in fact a HTML file. However, you can open this HTML file in Excel. Does that work? 
Hi InoL, thanks for your reply.
I tried saving Chinese character in excel -> In Office 2003, it didn't work as you said. But in Office 2010 I am able to see Chinese character after saving and opening it again.
And about changing Region and Language it won't work because we will have to change it in every client PC which is not possible.
And when I generate report through SPREADSHEET it generates HTML and then I saved it to One Note and after that I saved it to Excel. And then I was able to see Chinese Character. But this option is not feasible for client.
If there would be a way for generating excel directly from SPREADSHEET then it will solve my problem. 
Anyone has any ideas ???
Need help Guys....Please....

Saving a CSV report output as TXT file

We are generating reports on the web using Intenet Explorer. The report is a CSV report, i.e. the data displayed is comma separated. After generating the report, we need to save it as TXT file.
If the length of a line is long (let us say more than 80 chars) while saving it as TXT file, it is saving as 2 lines. If the length of a line is less, then it is saving in a single line.
How can I avoid this 2 line problem?
I am not facing this problem if I generate report with Netscape browser and save as TXT file.
We are using Reports 6i.
Thanks in Advance,
I had the same problem. And I think what I did to fix it is I made the mode=charcter, batch=yes, and background=yes. Hope this helps.